The international coalition: the lack of any US combat force on the ground in Iraq

The spokesman for the international coalition forces Colonel Steve Warren, Tuesday, that the coalition gave full support to Iraqi forces for the Liberation of gray and carried out 630 air strike was the killing of 200 members of the Daash in the past week. Warren said in a press release, "the agency our economy news received" a copy of it, that "the resolution of the Battle of Anbar and achieve victory set at 50% of Iraqis and 50% of the international coalition in the absence of any fighting force American on the ground in Iraq, but there are counselors and coaches only," noting, "he was Thousands of implementing the 6000 air strike since July with a 6 months ago. " He said Warren, that the liberalization of the city of Ramadi Anbar province, the center of the capabilities of the Iraqi security forces and the participation of US troops there. He added that "were not of American ground forces any participation in the liberation of gray, but had the capabilities of the Iraqi security forces." He pointed out that "the terrorist Daash breaks down in Ramadi, but does not have booby sent towards the outskirts of the city, and would make the Iraqi forces and tribes to address them."

With regard to the liberalization of Mosul, Warren said: "The liberation of Mosul will require a very long time and we support and we support the sovereignty of Iraq and the participation of any fighting force needs to be approved by the Iraqi government.

He pointed out, "it was the release of almost one-third of al-Anbar province."

He stressed that the United States has handed over 50% of the mine detectors for the Iraqi forces to combat terrorism and 5,000 thousands of anti-tank missiles were delivered to Iraqi forces and 200 anti-missile of the type mrab and 1000 gun-type vehicle M-16.