Hakim: Iraq will stand uniformly to foreign conspiracies

The head of the Iraqi Islamic Supreme Council Ammar al-Hakim, Tuesday, that Iraq will stand uniformly to foreign conspiracies aimed at expanding the scope of the differences, stressing the importance of cooperation between Baghdad and Tehran, according to common interests and develop a sustainable security in the region.
A statement by the Information Office of the President of the Supreme Council received / scales News / copy of it, "al-Hakim during a meeting with Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council Ali Shamkhani in Tehran praised the support for Iraq role played by the Republic on the political and military levels in the face of terrorism and in the darkest circumstances, congratulating the Iraqi people the restoration of gray Daash terrorist ".
For his part, he took the Shamkhani meeting Ammar al-Hakim for "congratulate the Iraqi people on the victory of terrorism, stressing the need to respect Iraq's sovereignty and not to use the face of terrorism as a pretext to achieve political goals."

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