Disseminate the text of the letter sent to the chest Putin

I got / scales News / a copy of the letter sent by the current leader Moqtada al-Sadr al-Sadr to Russian President Vladimir Putin, which gave him some advice with respect to intervene in the Middle East and the war against terrorism.
And it included the following text of the message, that "it is necessary to make it clear that intervention Mlhod rapprochement with Israel and the ICON under the banner of America." She said the message, "Russia and Iran have maintained good relations we wish her constantly and must be for the benefit of Iraq and the Middle East and look regional and to be Russia's intervention in the Middle East under the banner of the United Nations and this is intervention after full access for the course of events and in coordination with Iraq and Syria."
He expressed surprise at the chest in the letter, from "Russian intervention in Syria and Iraq without Searat?".
And on the Russian intervention in Iraq, al-Sadr told Putin that "it is necessary to make it clear that your intervention in Iraq, the US military Kltdechl but through Altnic and intelligence cooperation with the Iraqi government and be Nzratkm comprehensive and through all sides."
He concluded in his chest, saying that "the Russian intervention in the Middle East may be considered Tdkhalal the affairs of Muslims and said he was ready to cooperate with the Russians at all levels in Iraq and the Middle East," .