Wasit plans to approve a law banning smoking waterpipe in cafes and parks

It announced the Assembly Health Committee Wasit province, on Monday, the determination of the Council vote on a resolution to ban smoking waterpipe in cafes and Alkovomuzeet and parks.
The head of the Committee for Naseer Daham / scales News / "The Health Committee of the local government of Wasit prepared a draft law to prevent waterpipe smoking in cafes, parks and Alkovmuzeet."
Daham said that "the law was completed and submitted to the presidency of the Council and awaiting a vote by the Council," adding that "move towards this law came after the spread of the phenomenon of drug addiction and drugs psychotropic substances Balaraquel".
The "Council of Wasit revealed earlier, about the prevalence of the phenomenon of addiction to drugs and psychotropic substances of drugs and medicines in the province dealt with through Alaraquel" .