Minister of Communications announced the allocation of optical cable for each issuing unified civil ID centers for free


In opening the fiber-optic project

Minister of Communications, Mr. Hassan Kadhim Al-Rashed on Monday announced the allocation of Optical Cable Per Centers to issue unified civil ID free of charge and said in a speech at the opening of the optical fiber project and attended (justice) that the ministry is keen to ensure the success of this national project which has the security and service returns for citizens as well as many of the projects carried out despite the lack of financial allocations were completed 50% of those projects, including the project border gates that will allow Iraq's 12 outlet instead of 7 outlets and project linkage between Iraq and neighboring countries and the project to secure the security of Baghdad and the Syrian border, which is implemented by a French company where he was completing the 5 stages it Mr. Minister of Communications and pointed out that the fiber-optic project includes construction of optical network to all parts of Iraq and the countries of the world and connect the PBX ground allowing the speed of communications in addition to linking government departments, private network and follow-up of the General Company for the services of international information network to ensure information security, said the minister that the implementation of these projects take place despite the security situation is difficult due to the dominance of Daash criminal gangs on some of our areas dear praising the role of heroes of the popular crowd and our security forces and the sons of the tribes In challenging to those criminal gangs, edit and large areas of our dear country of Conception those terrorist gangs For his part, Engineer Ali Al-Kassab, Director General of the company Services International Network of Mallomatva a speech that the project will provide many of the services of the most prominent service international Alammerar (transit) that operate on the data transmission and Internet and electronic services to States and regional across Iraq through the project network and providing capacity Internet and marketing to the Internet service isp and operation of mobile phone providers He pointed out that, fiber optic are: technology known traffic in the local computer network [LAN] used the fiber optic carrier mainly within a distance of up to 200 kilometers, one of the ring network technology [token ring] The data speed fiber-optic network more than 100 Mbps and support of thousands of Alozaiv.waodh that the General Company for the services of the International Network for Information SCIS and company Alsko ALSCO engineering software and technology for information and cooperation with the Ministry of Interior has the completion of the processing and transmit system Atlas CMS in favor of the Directorate of National Standard card Affairs, where he was hosting system within the Ministry of Communications data center according to the latest software technologies and the level of advanced security, where is this site the official entrance to download the electronic form to be filled for a unified national card, and the advantage of the system Atlas CMS very high flexibility for the management of government websites and to the abundance of systems and programs contained in it and built specifically to meet The Iraqi government needs and that allows administrators system of electronic management of the site easily and high professionalism especially if all servers system resides inside Iraq and the management of national cadres Khalsh.ivkr that the General Company for the services of the International Information Network is one of the formations and the Ministry of Communications which is concerned with the construction and operation of networks, telematics and online service since its founding in 2000, the General Services Company International Network for Information task of linking Iraq to the international network of information (the Internet) as well as set up extensive networks and local as well as a number of other services prevailing where is one of the leading provider of online services Almtnoahasalkih, radio, and various kinds and applications specialized companies as well as experience in the construction, maintenance and rehabilitation of the internal wireless networks and wide (Lan -Wan Solutions) and building information and data centers (Data Center) and hosting the electronic web of information for enterprises and government departments all sites as well as its expertise in the field of information technology, miscellaneous applications and software Government Services and Electronic and its various applications (E-GOV) and specialized training and qualification in the field of telecommunications and network solutions, software and information technology, human resources, according to the latest specialized curricula and under the supervision of specialized engineering staffs of the company because of its staffs with expertise and high efficiency in this sector.