Kirkuk council calls for the allocation of amounts withheld from employees to maintain the Peshmerga

2015-12-29 22:48:51 | (Voice of Iraq) - Kirkuk

The head of the provincial council in Kirkuk Rebwar Talabani, on Tuesday, to the allocation of financial amounts withheld from employees' salaries to maintain, in the general budget, to support the Peshmerga forces, while the victories achieved on the Park (Daash) in the provinces of Kirkuk and Anbar.

Talabani said in an interview with the (long-Presse), "We call for the allocation of amounts withheld from employees' salaries, amounting to 3% in the 2016 budget to the military forces and the pieces that defend the provinces," he said, "who defends Kirkuk is the Peshmerga forces must therefore this allocation ratio to these forces along with the popular crowd. "

He said Talabani "Kirkuk Provincial Council, bless successful qualitative military operation carried out by the anti-terrorist forces of the Kurdistan region in coordination with coalition forces in the landing process carried out in the Riyadh area south of the province," noting, "it was the arrest of a number of leaders in the organization (Daash)" , adding that "the operation resulted in access to important documents in one of the headquarters of the organization."

Park and head of Kirkuk's provincial council, "the victories achieved by editing the organization of the city of Ramadi (Daash)," hoping "the continuation of these victories release all other areas, including the city of Mosul, Hawija and spend."

The Joint Special Operations Command, announced on Monday (28 December 2015), liberalization of Ramadi (110 km west of Baghdad), fully and raising the Iraqi flag over the government complex downtown, and promised those victories "as a result of the cohesion of rows and the unity of the word", while confirming near edit the rest of the cities "usurped".