A source close: Iraqi spark a joint oil fields
05/03/2012 7:32

Baghdad / Orr News
A source close to the Iraqi List, there is a new approach to serving a list of files to work on oil, particularly with regard to file oil production in the common fields with neighboring countries and to focus on a common Iranian Iraqi fields.
The source said the new policy-based approach represents the Saudis, by the Iraqi List, to wage war against the Iranian regime and the development of the Maliki government in a difficult position, especially if Iraq had entered into joint agreements with the Iranian side of the oil production and exploitation of common fields.
The source pointed out that the plan provides for the establishment of an Iraqi oil company - a joint Iranian exploitation of their work will be the Iran-Iraq oil wells to serve the common interests of both countries and install the quota based on site wells, and are objective. The source said that the new approach requires a focus on common fields between Iran and Iraq, turning a blind eye as directed by Kuwait Saudi Arabia to Iraq.
Mentions that he has had control of Kuwait's oil fields shared after the American occupation of Iraq in 2003. Experts point out that Kuwait continues to invest the wells of Iraq years ago in the southwestern part of the Rumaila field, which is the main problem between Iraq and Kuwait in addition to the port of Mubarak. He Source surprise State loyalties of some of the blocks in the parliament.