Communications and Wasit implemented a project to deliver optical cable port Badra border

2015-12-29 21:42:06 | (Voice of Iraq) - Wasit

Initiated contacts Directorate and a Wasit of the General Company for Post & Telecommunications is implementing a project to extend optical cable with a capacity of 24 Rite of light ranging from Badrah up to the border port in the said judiciary and a distance of 10 km. Work included drilling and the creation of dedicated optical cable route in addition to the D allocated to pass the cable-called pipeline Aldeorlaan and set up the pipes five manholes and being under the supervision of the engineering work in Instant angel of the Directorate where this cable will provide messaging and online transfer service for Wasit province and other provinces.

On the other hand, the audio cables maintenance body working to link and welding cable with a capacity of 400 pair feeds the region in July in the city of Kut, which has been introduced for the service and examination of telephone lines operating within this cable.