Najafi admonishes the Arabs from Kuwait and Talabani announced the completion of preparations for the summit Baghdad

MONDAY, 05 MARCH / MARCH 2012 22:35

Twilight News / parliament speaker said Osama Najafi, who currently visiting Kuwait that boiling the popular Arab and Iranian nuclear Israeli practices and puts the region on the brink of a volcano destroyed, and blamed on the Arabs to the lack of coordination of an actor to keep the unity of Iraq, as announced by President Jalal Talabani complete the preparations for his country to host the Summit Arabic in 29 of the month.

The Najafi in a speech his country in the Union of Arab Parliaments eighteenth, which began its work in Kuwait today and I have seen"Twilight News" that "the Arab world will not reach its goals unless it addresses the internal and external challenges facing it," stressing that issues of political reform and complete the process of democratic transformation and the conditions of human rights and confront extremism and internal violence in the Arab countries of the most prominent political challenges posed within each Arab country. "

He added that "the region is currently in Ahtdamat worrying and tensions storm does not threaten their people, but also threaten the security and peace together In addition to the popular unrest in some Arab countries and Israel's insistence to continue their expansionist settlement to the Iranian nuclear file, putting the region on the brink of a volcano devastating re- the cycle of disaster of war. "

He pointed out that "terrorism and extremism and internal violence are considered the challenges of the most influential on the present and the future because of its repercussions on the paths of democratic transformation and the preservation of human rights, as is the neglect of human rights and the requirements of democratic transformation objective internal and global incubator of the most incubators fertile for the growth and spread of violence."

He said that "political reform and democracy, the only way out of the protracted crisis and comprehensive to ensure the peaceful development of our societies and nations, having lived more than half a century under the emergency regulations sanctity of the rights and freedoms and weakened the structures of participation and society has suffered political distortions substantial and a lack of mechanisms of action popular political organizer, and peaceful ".

The lintel Najafi on the Arabs for "lack of coordination of effective Arab on the issue of Iraq in order to preserve its territorial integrity and the deepening of the concept of Iraqi citizenship away from the sectarian affiliation of the incident that put Arab security before the options are narrow and limited as it is not difficult to diagnose the seriousness of the security situation in the Arab world in general and in Persian Gulf in particular calls to bypass the political discourse and the adoption of structural operational sober political discourse that puts all the parties to their responsibilities, so as not to turn Alanfelataat security here or there to vibrations above the regional oscillation, threatening disasters is no way to address them. "

He expressed puzzlement of "the occurrence of the Arab peoples under the weight of unemployment, poverty and poor distribution of national income and to live seventy million Arab below the poverty line and call the foreign investment, while the heads of our money the Arab and the wealth of our people plowed the land and rivers of science to produce a rapid progress and prosperity of a huge in other parts of the world."

In another context, this Iraqi President Jalal Talabani, the Iraqi capital Baghdad completed all necessary preparations to receive the Arab leaders participating in the Arab Summit to be held in 29 of the current month.

Talabani said upon his departure to the United States Alammerrkih today to receive the treatment that the preparations for the convening of the Arab summit has been completed and Baghdad is ready to receive the Arab leaders to attend the Arab summit conference the end of March current, and confirmed that he will return soon to Baghdad to receive incoming Presidents to participate in the Arab summit.

The Iraqi envoys had handed over last week on a tour of the capitals of the Arab States calls on Iraq to the Arab leaders to participate in the Arab Summit and Twenty-third to be held in Baghdad in 29 of the next month.

It is noteworthy that Iraq has hosted the Arab summit to twice the first its session ninth in 1978 and that decided to boycott companies and organizations operating in Egypt that deal directly with Israel and not to approve the Camp David, and the second its session XII in 1990, which saw major differences between Iraq and Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates and the subsequent occupation of Kuwait by Iraq and the outbreak of the Second Gulf War in 1991.