Maliki and small scandal and infrastructure

December 29, 2015 3:15

Mohammed Abu Nile
- Cairo writes, Beirut prints and Baghdad reads - it's wonderful when we are very much community Maigro, after he had in mind, to teach others to read and write, from the land of Mesopotamia, but without practical application is noteworthy, did not benefit the reader cultured, as well as a simple citizen , which came in the pages of history and especially in the media, it was not armed with enough, to detect miscarriage shaded campaigns.
Intensified folk conflict, and continued for years, and was one of the parties, represents the right and the logic of the mind, and the other represents only himself, the utter failure that has swept Iraq, due to poor management, which made the country blackness asking others for a living, came days, including cutting removes all doubt, to convert to Christianity Joseph, the interpretation of Revelation, God and refutes all brought by Almazll and impostors.
Mr. al-Maliki heard, when talking about the infrastructure law, no doubt that he discovers the truth of what is, namely, that the man lied, and lied, even sincerity of what he says, and proved the reality of today, each observers, it is the driving determine how the campaign against Sheikh Jalal al-Din Ali al-Saghir , because of the latter position, the continuation of thefts Almusharanh, and satanic methods varied.
The suit Sheikh Saghir, who was great in the eye of his opponent, to stand bulwark, about the passing of this law, is that those who have contributed and turned a blind eye, for the theft of hundreds of billions of dollars, in previous budgets, does not make infrastructure law, only a door for theft, and how much We are used to thefts tab, in the years of the rule of al-Maliki, who tried to marketing it in the media, political Ksjal, to shade by others, but the target look like a victim.
We can imagine, and in the shadow of the economic crisis stifling, faced by the country, and methods practiced by the government, to get money, different addresses, which did not exclude even retirees, had to be according to Mr. al-Maliki, planning, and cell devil, surrounding it, that reimburse Now we have the consequences of money, because of the infrastructure law, how can we then, we take the loan, after the other, from the International Monetary Fund and others, to meet the most basic needs.
In conclusion, proved days, health suit Sheikh Jalaluddin al-Saghir, repayment of his opinion, in what was called earlier, and Here today invites us once again, for the application of the principle of self-austerity, imposed by one on himself and his family, before they impose upon others, in reading the real-time , for the coming days, and potential crises, and must be responsive, nation that do not respect their minds, and horsemen and Msalehyha, and sanctify Assaaena and Agazzamha, doomed to the abyss.