Edit gray New nail in the coffin "Daash"
December 28, 2015
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The gray edit the most important achievement of the Iraqi army for nearly a year and a half. And beats victory nail in the coffin "Daash", and establishes a defeat in the west of Iraq, and Mosul.
Iraqi army and was able to raise the national flag in the capital of Anbar province city of Ramadi, west of the country. And he finished it, with the help of tribesmen, occupation "Daash" organization, which began in May / May of this year and which form a major prize for the terrorist organization in the current year.
The significance of the victory in Ramadi in a number of points including:
- That achievement is the first big victory of the Iraqi army since the invasion of organizing "Daash" to the city of Mosul and control over large areas in Iraq in June 2014.
- And opens the victory in Ramadi, capital of Anbar to the decline of the terrorist organization in the Sunni areas west of the country, contributing later in cutting supply lines "Daash" geographical organization and communication with sites in Syria.
- And end the control of the gray practically any potential threats to the progress the organization towards the capital Baghdad and southern cities.
- It is important to note that the victory over the "Daash" in Ramadi, check the efforts of the Iraqi army, and not to use troops popular crowd (Shiite mostly) that have had a major role in previous battles, including the restoration of Tikrit, the hometown of ousted president Saddam Hussein, causing then in sectarian tensions.
- It is certain that the high morale of the Iraqi army opens the way to starting to battle Mosul articular to erase the "Caliphate State" announced by the Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi following the collapse of government forces last year.
And it raised the military achievement in Ramadi, a great welcome in Baghdad and the southern provinces of the Shiite majority, but the victory is complete, transforming it into a real introduction to defeat "Daash" and end the "Caliphate State" needs substantial additional work from the government and regional and international parties to perhaps the most important:
- The need to take into account the situation of civilians who have decided to stay in the city, and it was mostly as a hostage when organizing "Daash" terrorist. Reports speak of thousands of civilians trapped in their homes for more than a week due to the fighting after not being able to escape from the city, in addition to forcing hundreds of families to withdraw from the city, accompanied by "Daash" fighters and their families.
-omn Important to build on the Iraqi prime minister Haider al-Abadi's remarks about the need to hand over responsibility to local police Ramadi, Sunni and tribal Once secured, which opens the way for the construction of a local grass-roots movement to fight "Daash".
-omn Necessary to be entrusted the task of cleansing pockets "Daash" to local tribal fighters who have been trained by the government in recent months, to prevent any excesses or frictions may lead to straining the situation again.
-oajb On the government to speed up the restoration of basic services in the city, and the reconstruction of what was destroyed by air strikes and heavy artillery shelling to encourage displaced people to return to it, in addition to securing the necessary assistance in the first period for the installation of the population in their city.
- Finally, the stability of the situation at a later stage in Anbar mainly depends on the authorities' handling of the just demands of the people of the region and the offering that they offered in peaceful Aatsamathm in 2012 before baptizing former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to unseal force.
The Iraqi government announced that the next goal is the liberation of the city of Mosul, which is the second largest city in Iraq, and has taken "Daash" capital of the "Caliphate State". It is certain that the objective and realistic as possible in the light of the victory of Ramadi and other victories in Iraq and Syria, in addition to the significant decline in the popularity of the terrorist organization that was working the sword, and re-work medieval laws in the areas of influence.
And deprives edit Mosul and the surrounding areas, "Daash" of substantial financial resources from taxes and tribute and trade of oil. And it is certain that "Daash" influence is shrinking, but the next phase need to be greater coordination with the troops, "peshmerga" Kurdish, and the sons of the tribes in the region, and not to provoke any sectarian sentiments or ethnic can be consensus on the fight against terrorism "Daash" crashes, a consensus forms, from Without a doubt, the foundation stone to erase "state-Baghdadi" monstrosity of existence, and establishment of an Iraq for all its citizens. https://translate.googleusercontent....I7jzIjCo0BM1xQ