Accord Movement in Nineveh demanding not to defer to the National Congress after the Arab summit
Date: Monday 05/03/2012 17:15

Mosul (news) .. called the National Accord Movement in Nineveh, not to postpone the date of the National Conference for the Arab summit after describing attempts by political parties did not identify the "procrastination."
A statement of the movement has received the Agency (news) a copy of it on Monday: that under the current political situation and the suffering of the unfortunate many crises occurred and still occur between the political blocs, because of the absence of mutual trust.
The movement demanded in the statement signed by an official sect in Nineveh, Abdul Razzaq al-Mawla called for political blocs not to postpone the date of the National Conference to be held between the political blocs until after the Arab summit, and without setting a date for him, and attempts to change his name, and statements about the working papers and the difficulty of standardization through preparatory meetings confirms the existence of procrastination and attempts to create another crisis added to the basket past crises
She expressed the movement in the statement, the belief that the postponement of the National Congress will weaken the political position of the year not to formulate a political speech uniform expresses the spirit and values ​​of the National Partnership's prompt, calling on politicians to the need for their house in order before receiving guests and holding their conference national levels by permanent and not Triqieibh and the recommendations are binding and guarantor of all to reflect the state Iraqi solidarity and brotherhood.