Abadi: some are trying to thwart everything in the country and take advantage of the crisis demands unrealistic political exploitation

BAGHDAD / National Iraqi News Agency / nina / Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi warned that "some are trying to thwart everything in the country and take advantage of crises and challenges faced by the country and the citizen's demands are unrealistic for political exploitation." He said, according to a statement his office the night, in his speech during the Youth Forum Iraqi who was devoted to discuss the volunteer work "that the business volunteer are always more integrated and polished and organized and the country needs for such a business by segments of society, especially young people, including those related to the construction of schools and displaced persons, health and other volunteer work.""The country is going through many challenges and there are gangs terrorist represented Bdaash kill and rejects diversity and are trying to cancel the other Another challenge is to lower oil prices, a serious challenge in addition to the fight against corruption and we are fighting a number of factors, including the punishment and things deterrent and control to prevent it from happening and to expose the corrupt and the formation of a culture that corrupt pariah in the community. "He said Abadi, that" Our heroes are investigating victories in gray and there are security and effortless intelligence improved in addition to the cooperation of citizens led to this improvement, "pointing to the importance of community security and protect the community. He welcomed the Arab League's resolution, which voted unanimously to condemn Turkish incursion and to support Iraq in its efforts," a diplomatic success because Turkey was not expecting such a position ".