After his defeat in Ramadi .. Daash transferred hundreds of wheels and mechanisms secretly to these sites

​ Twilight News / responsible local sources revealed that al Daash the transfer of hundreds of wheels and mechanisms and cutting weapons from the city of Ramadi to the city of Mosul after losing control of them. Counter-terrorism forces and managed through an extensive process since a few days to regain control of the city of Ramadi, and the remaining ones mine clearance process. The sources said the Twilight News, said the organization enter those wheels and mechanisms and pieces of weapons into the city in the late hours of the night, taking advantage of a few passers-by movement with significant drop in temperature the fact that mostly affected and the effects of fierce battles that took place edit gray operations by the security forces, indicating that the organization Daash hid weapons in a number of mosques and residential buildings in the neighborhoods of Mosul, without worrying about the damage it might cause to the lives of unarmed civilians.
She added that the organization promoted the spread of the elements in the main streets and intersections important to the city of Mosul for fear of the outbreak of the popular uprising against him or the occurrence of armed actions against reconciliation after the defeats suffered in Anbar.
After the leadership of the Iraqi security forces announced the liberalization of the government complex in the city of Ramadi, which is the last stronghold for the organization Daash there, the prevailing atmosphere of joy this victory the capital Baghdad and cities and in most of the Iraqi Kurdistan region.