Lawmakers: edit gray key victory in Mosul

Praised the members of the House of Representatives victories achieved by the security forces and fighters of tribal and folk crowd in Ramadi from the clutches of gangs «Daash», and considered those battles beginning of the liberation of Mosul and the elimination of terrorism. The MP said the Federation of Iraqi forces Mazer said that «the security forces and the crowd and popular sons of the tribes on the level high level of confidence and morale », indicating that« high morale resulted in continuing victories in Anbar, which was under the control of gangs «Daash.» He criticized the Sultan «sounds that are offensive forces, security and popular crowd and which has been accused of targeting civilians deliberately and try to eliminate them», demanding b »silence this cacophony as they affect the operation of the battle in which the army's sons and the crowd and clans Balgali and precious sacrifice in order to keep on the ground and supply, as well as that of those forces leaders pledged not to target civilians and to preserve them and to secure safe ways to exit safely from the city.» He described the MP from the Union of Iraqi forces methods herds «Daash» against civilians and using them as human shields by preventing them from leaving the city to «dirty», stressing the importance of «speed up the liberalization of the city to save the inhabitants of innocent Mughal era». For his part, called the National Alliance MP conciliator Rubaie ministries and independent bodies to support the security forces and the crowd popular with all possess. He said al-Rubaie, said that «all efforts should be directed in order to sustain the momentum of victories in guerrilla infidels», pointing out that «this confrontation is between Iraq and those who stand with him and» Daash » and those who stand with him ». He cautioned al-Rubaie, the need for victory in this fateful battle», demanding b »support in all the media and the political, social and financial levels to undermine the enemy who harbors evil for Iraq and its people».Furthermore, said Chairman of the Committee of Religious Endowments and Religious Affairs Abdel Azim and Healing he There is no time when we need to line up and cohesion more than this, noting that the herds of darkness and atonement violated the symptoms and shed blood. He commended Healing the fatwa Sayyed Ali al-Sistani in not dealing with the present citizens there sin and crimes «Daash». In this context, MP for the Liberal bloc Abdul Hadi goodness of God on the need to support the security forces, which was launched to liberate the entire province of Anbar, the cooperation by tribal fighters and popular crowd. The goodness of God, that «what Euclid fighters in the liberation of Salah al-Din previously in operations edit Anbar now is a victory of the right against the fierce onslaught driven from the forces of global arrogance which supports this organization criminal. »On a related matter, MP for the coalition of Iraqi forces Abdul Rahman Alloizi: said elements Daash in Anbar and Nineveh suffer horribly and refracts great morale collapse thanks to successive strikes and strong slaps you give them the security forces and the popular crowd and the sons of the tribes. He explained Alloizi, in a press statement, that «Daash gangs proceeded to take action to crack down on citizens, as it prevented the exit of the city of Al-Anbar, also blocked out the families of the city of Mosul in Nineveh but specific situations. He Alloizi that these emotional actions by «Daash» reflect the concern of the military operations carried out by security forces and the popular crowd and the sons of the tribes, since it deliberately to take families as human shields.