Maliki replaces the rule of law state and the citizen dating as a continuation of one-party rule

Iraqi Prime Minister and leader of the Dawa Party, the ruling in an interview with Reuters news agency yesterday and will air later that "our demand for the final we are seeking is a state citizen and the maintenance of all the votes and do not accept that there is a voice of gold and one bronze."

Maliki said in his meeting with Reuters, "We stand against the idea of continued one-party system and support the governments formed by the citizen is not governments that are locked in rooms, explaining that it was not the right one to stand in the general will of the people change and demand for justice."

He stressed Iraq's desire to establish good relations with all countries, especially neighboring countries, issue of presence organizations classified as terrorist organizations, and take from the Iraqi territory, a springboard for attacks on neighboring countries is something unacceptable, do not allow the existence of any terrorist organization trying to target the neighboring countries from Iraqi territory, in turn reject abuse or the excess on our land. Indicating that Iraq has a joint committee formed with the Turkish side for some time to address the PKK presence, and there is a committee with Iran would end the presence of the movement of life in the Kurdistan region.

He noted that the country has made ​​significant progress made ​​in investment, particularly in the oil sector, and we can say that thousands of companies have entered the country and there are efforts to make way for a larger number of investment companies to work in the country.

The statement is al-Maliki is new, and it seems that there is planning for the replacement of the term of state law epitaxial state citizen flexible to bring in citizen satisfaction with disaffected with the government and also there is implicit recognition of the existence of the policy of one-party ruling where the Prime Minister that he will stand against the continuation of this type of governance.

In an interview with a strange criticized al-Maliki in a meeting with the formation of governments in closed rooms, forgetting how he got to power and through secret deals and compromises that led to the formation of his government through the closed doors after losing the parliamentary elections and won the second order in the outcome of the election.