Economic Commission: the financial crisis experienced by the country's temporary

BAGHDAD / JD / .. counting member of the Committee of Economy and Investment parliamentary Engineer Burhan Almamori financial crisis experienced by the country as the crisis are temporary and that Iraq has great economic potential, calling on the government to exploit this potential in the agricultural and industrial sectors, transport and liquidation of Tedeim the country's non-oil resources.
Said Almamori in a press statement that the current financial crisis is a monetary crisis does not mean that Iraq is a poor country is probable causes of this crisis to the poor previous governments management by the drop in oil prices from the other side.
He Almamori that the crisis and everything revolves around the Slebatt but carried with it positive factor represented by forcing saline economic sectors all to take over the reins and start the development of small industries and filling the void in front of decline in the flow of private and that the Iraqi private sector now has become a strong imported goods and focused has cash blocks a good addition to the expertise that has accumulated through its openness to the world's economies, It will be an important step as if it were offset by government measures in a legal activating the customs tariff and the protection of the local product.
He predicted Almamori lower domestic stock of foreign currency as a result of lower oil prices, which is the column foundation for the import of Iraq of hard currency and thus Sneks on the value of the dollar on the one hand and the low turnout on imports Here, domestic production is unlikely it will be the best alternative at the same time Dhour large industries away from government intervention.