Labour calls for beneficiaries to abide by the schedule of the issuance of the smart card


BAGHDAD / JD / .. called on the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, the women in subsidized social protection who have arrived review to issue a smart card to meet deadlines for review and according to the schedule published on the website of the ministry. A spokesman for the Ministry of Labour Ammar Menem in a written statement received / JD / a copy of it: that the ministry is seeking to speed up the process of issuing the smart card for all beneficiaries and beneficiaries covered by social subsidy from the poor who are below the poverty line, as well as simplify the completion of transactions of the citizens action when their review of social protection and departments circles abuse of the routine and shorthand of time.
He added that the protection circuit Social women's review identified beneficiaries (widows and wives of the missing) from the date of 20/12 up to 24.12.2015, and constraints from the date of 26/12 up to 31.12.2015, and (wife of the convict, and orphan parents) from 2-1 up to date 01/07/2016, divorced from the date of 9/1 up to 01.14.2016.
He called inclusions Menem beneficiaries to review the headquarters of social protection for women, sections and centers affiliated circle in Baghdad and the provinces, so that their knowledge is inserted at the base of the circuit data for the government to grant them special figure and the issuance of the smart card to them.
The social protection for women issued by the Department for the smart card (3361) advanced to the inclusion of subsidized social protection of women registered in its database who Astelmn card review since 2014 of their number (54) thousand women.