Baghdad shops and streets are adorned by the New Year's holiday

Dinars / Abbas Al passengers / .. for the first time in nearly 457 years, Gala Prophet's birthday happened to coincide with the feast of the birth of Christ, and this coincidence has occurred in 1558 as it was on 12 March in the year 966 AH, which marked the birth of the Prophet with the birth of Christ 25 and December 26.
Fmhal Karrada commercial streets and the various professions and Trades spruced up to celebrate the arrival of this holiday in spite of all the difficulties faced by the country, Vohjar Birth and toys Pope Naaal colorful balloons and accessories decorations are spread in all the streets, as well as churches to lie down in the Karrada district hundreds of years ago .
but not limited celebrating New Year's Eve to Christ only, but shared by the Muslims are also where the promise of this holiday is for all and a chance for recreation and the beginning of a new starting and launch Wishlist safe and live in peace in their country.
While the some Baghdadis citizens should try to decorate shops and malls and restaurants In most areas of Baghdad, especially in the Karrada district is to attract customers, and try also to participate to celebrate and out of the ordinary and ancient traditions.
It was not shopkeepers are only downloaded decorate the facades of their shops only, but the photography studio in Baghdad owners change the decorations and backgrounds photography and decorated trees Birthdays and bright colors that rejoice at the coming of this holiday, in order to lure customers, lured to take souvenir pictures on this occasion, particularly studios near universities and scientific institutes in Baghdad or those that exist within the corridors of colleges and universities.
The nearby churches local markets witnessed a great demand to rush to buy this kits Eid them and Rhode decorations, nuts and sweets and pastries, toys and new clothes and some cooking utensils of spices and Mtaibat.
The secretariat of Baghdad and the company town of Zora Games announced the biggest tree monument (Christmas) in the Middle East to celebrate Christmas has exceeded a height of 25 meters with al-Qaeda in coordination with the Municipality of Baghdad in the city of the Games to celebrate Christmas and New Year's Day in order to post Christian brothers joys and Msrathm this occasion, happy and are decorated in a modern system similar to what the case in the developed countries of the world.
reminder that Christian holidays caused by scattering biblical events associated with Christ on the public , which is known as the most Christian groups as "liturgical year", which are used in scheduling rules solar and lunar variety has evolved through history; major importance events leading to the holidays and in particular holiday Christmas and holiday Passover; also the local churches may famous far its own often associated with the commemoration of a saint famous in the region. And Christian holidays often be associated with clowns and social celebrations. Besides annual events, there are repeated occasions over a century or half-century, which are known as the Jubilee, which finds its legislation in Leviticus and the Patriarchate of the Chaldean.
The organization Islamic State (Daash) occupy Mosul and towns of the Nineveh Plain and also the deportation of 120,000 Christians from their homes because of their religion Most of them live in more than a year and a half harsh conditions in the camps without care to remember only the care of the church and some of the institutions and civil society organizations. Has been dropped from the number of Christians in Iraq, 1.3 million people in the census in 1997 to about 650 thousand people currently to 500 000 inhabitants in the last years witnessed a census years.