Member of the Parliamentary Integrity: the crisis and the war against Daash obstructed the arrest of corrupt fugitives


{Baghdad: Euphrates News} Ezzat member of the Integrity Commission, the parliamentary Mona Ghorabi delay the arrest of fugitive corrupt file and recover the money smuggled to the country's preoccupation with the war against Daash political and economic crises.
The Ghorabi told {Euphrates News} "The Integrity Commission contributed to disclose a lot of corrupt files, and even if it has not been arrested because of spoilers fleeing abroad, the Committee has carried out its work and worked achieved unless the previous committees."
She stressed that "the parliamentary Integrity decided to involve the Foreign Relations Committee to work for the corrupt fugitives outside the country in order to activate the capture notes, through coordination with the States and bring them to justice, as well as work to restore the money smuggled," pointing out that "the reluctance of this file and retrieve money It goes back to the conditions experienced by the country in the fight against Daash economic and political crises and disputes and other outstanding issues that have hindered the work of the Commission. "
The deputies of the National Alliance had confirmed earlier that the reform of the most important paragraphs of the arrest of the fugitives and bring money and contraband activation arrest warrants on corrupt fugitives abroad through Interpol to go about arresting wanted men in the paragraphs of the reforms package.
It is said that the Commission on Security and Defense announced earlier that it will work on activating the security efforts, through the agreement with Interpol to catch all the wanted fugitive out of the country but have not been since 2003, and has so far arrested a fugitive accused of corruption by Interpol time. It ended 1