Agricultural investments invest in green !!

12/28/2015 7:14
Today Iraq / Baghdad
The agricultural investments department of the Ministry of Agriculture, and within the voluntary work week by "campaign planting seedlings variety in the number of schools in the province of Baghdad, in order to contribute to the vegetation development, and increase green areas, and the propagation of trees in schools," to expand the ministry to inform beyond:
"As well as to foster a spirit of cooperation between the institutions, and various government departments.", And the result achieved by this gesture volunteer: "greeted this step response from the management of schools and students, to cultivate the seedlings in their schools," did not spare the ministry notification, mentioning the backbone that Thus it is based on initiatives such as: "This step comes within the ministry's openness to interact with various institutions, to interact with them, and in implementation of the directives issued by the Council of Ministers .. in the implementation of volunteer work a week."