The completion of a number of events in the Directorate of Wasit electricity distribution

Today Iraq / Wasit
Director General of the center face electricity distribution - Ibrahim Ismail al-Obeidi, maintenance stations difference in the Directorate, which is one of the formations the Directorate General of Electricity distribution center, conducted a maintenance station NUMANIYA 33k.v manufacturing business, within the periodic maintenance of the stations plan,
According to the Director of Relations and Media Directorate - Hussein West torment more, saying: "as well as the face of al-Obeidi, reform breakers (ABB) of manufacturing 33 / 11K.V Liberal station, also addressed the viewer got transferred ability No. (1) of the NUMANIYA station manufacturing 33 / 11K.V, and repair damage Kablo feeder Japanese manufacturing plant 33 / 11K.V of Kut station 132 / 33K.V, and repair damaged dignity Kabllow 33 / 11K.V ", and took the punishment to the other side, where we read:" contract an expanded meeting in the headquarters of the Directorate, headed by distribution sectors and sub-departments officials director level, have been discussing ways to improve the rate of work, and the services provided to citizens, was emphasized during which the importance of the sub-district, calculates the energy sold and the per capita share of electric power, and also to emphasize the set standards for all industrial, commercial and agricultural buildings, as well as government departments, and sewage plants, water pumps, and in coordination with relevant departments, to reduce Aldhaiat and calculating wages properly ", and increased the torment:" In addition to guidance on the perpetuation of a campaign rationalize consumption in all residential areas, and the inclusion of areas the most consuming electricity, cutting the program for a period of two hours, and ultimatums, for bypassing the electric power network, and abstaining from Mapzmthm payment of the debt, according to the models that have been circulated to all branches. "