Oil Ministry plans to set up a gas plant in Dhi Qar

12/28/2015 -

Oil Ministry plans to set up a laboratory of gas in the province of Dhi Qar. He said the first deputy governor of Dhi Qar just Aldechala in Sunday's statement that "preparations began to establish a plant for filling gas cylinders of liquid in the province after obtaining the approval of the Ministry of Oil", stressing "exceeded the cooking gas crisis and begin to lift production capacity and the quota of the province, aimed to facilitate the task of citizens who wish to access to agencies for the sale of gas in the car phones, "stressing" work cylinders new plastic gas and replace roller rail without any charge ". It is the other hand, he pointed to" grant the displaced families {200} l oil White material for free in coordination with the Department of Immigration and Displacement, "stressing" the continuation of work to meet the needs of displaced families across the province from oil derivatives. "and that" the Department of oil products equipped citizens textured white oil on three meals, the meal the first ended was met and distribution by regions across the province and the second, reaching more than 45% and the start of the distribution of the third meal and work directly where "He called Aldechala to" reporting areas that were not up to it oil quota by Mokhtari camp or the Office of the province a formal request for Togerm as quickly as possible and give them their share quarterly of petroleum products. "On the other hand revealed Qaimmqamah Chabaish spend in the province of Dhi Qar, all cause dry marshes in the elimination wipe 20 villages and the destruction of seven thousand head of buffalo this year 2015.oukal Mayor eliminate Alckheon Badi" The dry marshes in April of 2015 impact heavily on life in general in the district Chabaish and the cause of the mortality and loss of livestock and the migration of tens of families to other areas, also caused a lack of citizens ", adding that" drinking water this drought has led to the disappearance of about 20 village after forcing its inhabitants to the migration of their homeland to other areas where water is available, also caused doom seven thousand head of buffalo and dozens of tons of fish as well as the lack of citizens 'drinking water in the district center. "He pointed Alckheon that" this disastrous results reflected negatively on citizens' livelihoods of the inhabitants of the marshes who lived on hunting Fish and breeding buffalo and take water marshes place of residence ", calling on local and federal government to" move quickly and find solutions for the return of the marshes of the new ".oaattabr political and Ministry of Water Resources" politically erroneous ministry in the management of the water crisis and block share the marshes of that water is one of the reasons is exposed Chabaish spend his famous one of the largest in southern Iraq in aquatic nature of cities. "
He threatened Alckheon to "resort to civil disobedience in the case of the continuation of the crisis dry marshes without solutions" on the other hand expressed representative of the company Masco Ambyanty] Italian during a meeting with Chairman of the Council of the province of Dhi Qar, the intention of his company signed memorandums of understanding with the local government to implement Alkahraba.ozkr projects a statement to the Office of President of the Provincial Council, Hamid Gazan, that Gazan "discussed with a delegation of Italian companies investment opportunities and incomes in the province to implement projects in accordance with the payment system on credit sectors of tourism, infrastructure, electricity and health." The statement quoted Gazan say that "the meeting discussed a number of important topics that that advance in various sectors, "pointing to" the agreement to provide all facilities and provide a safe environment with the work of Italian companies in the province to activate, along with tourism, archeology, health, infrastructure and electricity. "He added that" Masco Ambyanty company expressed its readiness to implement projects in the electricity sector, especially in plants secondary in addition to finding solutions to bottlenecks in networks of power transmission ".ofatt Gazan out that" local government is keen to activate, support and investment of the private sector to contribute to the development of the economy, and reduce the unemployment rate in the province in light of the financial crisis faced by the country ". For his part said Marco representative of the company Masco Ambyanty], according to the statement that "Italian companies happy to visit the city of Nasiriyah, and we made during our meeting the President of the Council the nature of the work of companies, quality and projects carried out." and that "those companies seeking to perform a task and service projects in Dhi Qar province," referring to "The delegation companies will renew his visit to the province in the coming weeks for meetings with the local government and the signing of memoranda of understanding."