Differences between Kurdistan and the rule of law on presidential summit Baghdad

Palm - politician criticized the close of President Jalal Talabani calls to take over the demands of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki presidency of the Arab Summit to be held in Baghdad later this month.
Said Farhad Atrushi member of the Kurdistan Alliance in the House of Representatives that calls demanding that Maliki taking the presidency of the Arab summit instead of the Talibani reflect tendencies "chauvinism and racism" and ignorance of the material constitution gave the president the powers of ceremonial and symbolic, including the representation of the Iraqi state in conferences and international meetings.
The deputies in the State of Law Coalition led by al-Maliki declared the pursuit of the recent Arab summit presidency subject to the approval of President Jalal Talabani, who is suffering health problems as explained Atrushi that Talabani is the face of calls for Arab leaders and that he is better at the head of the Arab Summit to be hosted by Baghdad on 29 March,.
On the other hand, Iraqi authorities announced yesterday that it has taken new measures to tighten control on the border with Syria to prevent any activity contrary to the policy of non-interference in Baghdad, the affairs of other countries.
According to a statement issued by the office of Prime Minister Maliki presided over yesterday, "a meeting of a cell crisis," the presence of senior security officials, as was discussed issue of border controls in general, particularly the border with Syria, adding that he was taking a range of measures to tighten border controls, adding that these measures are aimed at to prevent cases of penetration or infiltration by filling gaps all potential terrorists trying to enter through which to commit their crimes.
Maliki stressed the need to take the utmost discipline, especially on the border with Syria to prevent any activity that could affect the security of the country or contrary to public policy for Iraq not to interfere in the affairs of other countries and the second time in two weeks which has been held "cell crisis," to discuss the issue of control over the border with Syria and announced new measures to strengthen control.