Kurdish parliamentary blocs announces its support for the government's reform project

2015-12-28 01:14:26 | (Voice of Iraq) - Twilight News

She described the Kurdistan Democratic Party in the Parliament of Kurdistan bloc, the meeting that took place between the presidency and parliament blocs about government reform, as "good", saying the decision to form a committee to study these reforms.

A spokesman for the bloc Mohammed Ali in a statement that the Presidency of the Kurdistan Parliament met today with all the blocks except block change, in the presence of Finance and Legal Committee, pointing out that everyone expressed their support for the draft government reform, and the decision was made to form a committee of legal and financial to study these reforms Committees.

Yassin said that the meeting had been routinely, and no talk in any way about the change.

She noted information from within the parliament that the meeting was to meet with a consultant and administered under the supervision of Deputy Speaker of Parliament Jaafar Aymanki, was the presence of internalized blocs in parliament except the mass change, and across all the heads of blocs expressed their support for this project and considered it necessary to expand the government's reform circle to include all other sectors .