Saleh: The year 2016 promises forecast a gradual recovery

12/28/2015 0:00

BAGHDAD joy pumice
Is next year in 2016 in defiance of the economic level in Iraq and the world, with a fluctuation of analysts' expectations.

At the local level, the country faces many challenges, notably the lack of fiscal revenue, especially as the country depends on the proceeds unilaterally supplement the annual budget to be trends austerity, but the government is keen to run the economy without retreat.

In this regard, economic adviser in the prime minister said the appearance of Mohammed Saleh »Sabah» to many of the factors that led to the adoption of protectionist policies on the financial level in the country, for its part citizen reinforced resorting to savings or hoarding money under the current circumstances.

And Saleh said the country is suffering from a cash shortage and flows of liquidity, not a shortage of other energies and potential resources, there are many areas that require large sums of money, including military operations against terrorism that drain many money , as prepared by the cost of consumables, as well as the need to monitor allocations for the reconstruction of the liberated areas that increase the civil costs within the economy national.

The government has taken during the last term austerity measures on several levels, including suspended projects that have not achieved an advanced achievement temporarily rates until the availability of financial liquidity, as well as the integration of ministries and suspended purchases of luxury, in addition to officials and protections to reduce the salaries.

To support the income cycle in the country, Chancellor citizens urged to save their money in banks, especially now that the money is going to move the country's economy, thus benefiting the citizens either compactness in homes is an exhibition of many risks without compensated.

He also noted the need to support the international community for Iraq to help in the reconstruction of basic infrastructure reconstruction of liberated areas which contribute to the stability of Iraq, which leads to stability of the region and the world.

He said that there are international trends on the provision of financial grants by the United Nations to help Iraq to cross stage through which to restore financial potential, but it falls on the Iraqi diplomacy rests in winning allies to provide these grants, especially as the country is in financial distress and its resources are not sufficient to do so.

But internationally, the weights indicate an improvement of the US economy, which will lead to an improvement in the global economy in parallel with the Chinese economy, which constitutes up to 30 percent of what will move a good transmission.

Surmised the benefit of that next year is a transition in the global economy, especially as the general indicators moving towards recovery, especially after the interest the US federal account that led to the decline in the value of bonds, and the recovery of the US economy, accompanied by raising low unemployment rates of up to 5 percent, where the US consumer index less than 1 percent.

As for the Chinese economy, which is the largest exporter of goods in the world and live oversupply of production, which led to relatively high rates of unemployment, saw the Chancellor that China is expected to advance in Annual growth through domestic policies in support of the stability of the markets and the introduction of broad partnerships in the world.

Also reported that China is taking a new turn in the lending world markets to move the Chinese production and in turn move the global economy and dismantling of the recession, the demand for energy may increase, despite the faltering oil markets, He expected to see an improvement in the second half. As for commodities and goods, including precious metal gold and oil, he noted the benefit to that in general there stagnation in goods because of the economic recession, citing speculation and temporary, but in general the count to move gold and oil prices Mtaleghan the global economy, especially growth. If the greater the activity cycle World Economic prices will move the direction of stable, he says.

The recovery of the global economy under the China-US cooperation, the two largest economic areas in the world, and the engine of the G 20 (Group of Twenty), and especially China, which still create opportunities of development to the world.