Investment portfolio achieved a new economic value 12/27
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Thread: Investment portfolio achieved a new economic value 12/27

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    Investment portfolio achieved a new economic value 12/27

    Investment portfolio achieved a new economic value

    12/28/2015 0:00

    BAGHDAD - morning
    He urged a specialist in economic affairs to diversify their sources of income, either through investment of available natural resources in the country Kalmward agricultural, industrial, oil, etc., or the creation of foreign investment portfolio.

    And investment portfolio mean a set of multiple types of investment shares are purchased from global stock markets intended to invest in these stocks to achieve tangible returns for the investor's country.

    Osama Mahmoud, pointed out that the investment portfolio contains several investments the most important government bonds where they are buying bonds, foreign government posed by the other governments of the countries in order to get cash, are purchased by another country in order to invest, using money earned in the development of infrastructure and projects that the development of the country and therefore there will be a rise in the value of bonds of these countries and as a result profit for the countries that invested in the bond portfolio.

    He noted that it also contains the world's oil stocks as the purchase of the world's oil bonds and attached to the investment portfolio, the country has a significant impact on the formation of extra income for the country of the investor and the source of the country is an oil producer, and the best example is the price of oil in Iraq is witnessing volatility in prices due to delays in delivery to the importer either because of sabotage operations on the oil tanker lines or because of technical malfunctions, which in this case can be traded shares of the world's oil to compensate for losses incurred in the sale of Iraqi oil.

    He said the investment portfolio containing emerging countries bonds, and investment is expected to economic growth in the near future and makes investing in bonds a profitable venture that these emerging countries making strides developmental fast in their economies what makes them an important economic target With every rise in the growth of economy These countries rising value of the bonds and the investment returns achieved materially significant to the investing countries, and an example of the emerging countries of Brazil and Turkey.

    He stressed that the composition of the investment portfolio of any country that has significant economic value to increase Mdjulath and broadening economic base and thus is an economic basket investment portfolio added to the imports of the country.

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    Re: Investment portfolio achieved a new economic value 12/27

    Interdependence of economic and political reform

    First, after 1972 it was installed price of the dollar to 3.33 for the Iraqi dinar, meaning that the dinar is worth more than US $ three and continued to work with this system up to 9 quarters / 2003 and the importer of the Iraqi industrial and trader knows in advance the amount you will pay when you open count L, as well as when you make the rest of the credit value after the arrival of the goods and official documents certified by the supplier and the government in the country of source or origin such as the Ministry of Industry and Ministry of Commerce according to the country of export system as well as certified by the Iraqi embassy / commercial attaché there. It provides the US monetary authorities to guarantee the value of the dollar dependence of the countries receiving the letter of credit from Iraq to the US dollar and the value of the installed based. But if it was open to rely currency are subject to the international transfer are subject count value when it is open and when the final clearance for the price of that currency in international exchange installed at the Central Bank daily or weekly in addition to a paragraph in reliance not to surrender accreditation by the correspondent bank the value of the exporting country for a period of 40 days to ensure the safety of the goods sent and shipping documents.

    And all the credits that you send Iraqi banks are through external conversion Division of the Iraqi Central Bank to calculate the amount of foreign currency sent as well as the types and quantity of imported goods within the curriculum annual import allocated exaggeration for industry and commerce, government imports to facilitate the census commodity and monetary process includes this measure banking goods exported from Iraq States Other.

    Second, after the occupation of Iraq in 04/09/2003, issued occupation authority official in Iraq's ruling (primer) decision to cancel the foreign exchange division at the Central Bank of Iraq and replaced by an auction currency to the dollar at the central bank's daily auction and allow the opening of banking offices to convert the dollar out of Iraq , and thus canceled the annual plan of the Platform for import and the issuance of import licenses by the curriculum by the Ministry of Industry (Industrial Development Directorate) according to assess the need, as well as the Ministry of Commerce (import Directorate, export and exhibitions) for traders registered and classified by the Ministry of Commerce and chambers of commerce in their respective fields of commodity goods and open the Import wide open without controls and without classification and without charging documents fundamentalist and formal and legal dependence on the commercial list brings the importer with the goods carry a lot of doubt and question marks, note that the currency auction at the Central Bank is a legitimate way for the smuggling of foreign currency trading and has become used to launder money are prohibited in accordance with international laws by exporting goods to Iraq without a sergeant and Hasib and Thouliha formal and legal by banks as currency legitimacy in addition to the employment of criminality and terrorist acts and proved days that (Daash) is the biggest beneficiary in addition to violation of international resolutions blockade imposed on some countries, according to UN Security Council resolutions.

    Third, after the issuance of the Central Bank Law No. 6 of 2004 and regulations of private banks as well as systems banking offices and the lack of a clear law and the authority of the Governor of the Central Bank government and private banks to control money laundering and hold negligent, it exploited by counterfeiters and venal and smugglers of foreign currency by the dollar auction Central Bank of unchecked while foreign exchange Division canceled at the Central Bank was the safety valve to keep the smuggling of foreign currency and the national currency.

    Fourth: that the currency to the dollar auction at the Central Bank led to money laundering and importing shoddy goods for the domestic market and encouraged the dumping commodity legally forbidden in addition to circumvent prices of imported goods and not to impose customs tariff and replace it with the civil governor No decision (54) of 2004 which provides for the work suspension customs duties and taking a fee of 5 percent for the reconstruction of Iraq that this decision remains valid until the formation of the national government and the termination of the occupation authority was in 06/30/2004, the end of the work the decision date (54) for the year 2004, and refer to the customs tariff law No. (77) of 1955, signed in Brussels by the Iraqi government, but Dr. Iyad Allawi's government has not implemented the customs tariff above the law, but work has continued to take the 5 percent of the value of the imported goods fee reconstruction of Iraq and not draw tariff Kmarkip violation of the law and did not hold him accountable one-on that.

    Fifth: that the currency to the dollar auction at the Central Bank of the Iraqi economy being through bankruptcy and destruction and fucked by terrorism (Daash), kidnapping, murder and liquidation of opponents, and this led to the domestic industry stopped the private, mixed and cooperative industrial sector and the public sector, which includes 192 company has more than (224) laboratories and industrial facilities, as well as in the private industrial sector, where he scored the Federation of Iraqi industries, more than 40 thousand projects stalled by its contribution of 6-8 percent of gross domestic product after it was Maahmtha more than 30 percent of gross domestic product and stop small industries and medium, as well as agricultural projects and reconstruction led to unemployment and non-operation of labor and its impact on the social situation and the deterioration of the Iraqi family situation and there are 6-8 million unemployed, according to statistics of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, the unemployment 35 percent of the manpower ratio and there 20/25 percent of Iraqis under the line According to statistics from the United Nations and human rights and economic organizations, especially among graduates of institutes, colleges and universities, especially for ages 18-42 years of poverty after the completion of the scientific study of unemployment in addition to the female element which more than double the men and the lack of wages.

    Sixth: The statistics of the International Labor Organization in Geneva and the International Bank for Reconstruction prove that 60-70 percent of the workforce in the world operated by small and medium enterprises industrial, agricultural, construction and industrial output of these countries the United States, Japan and Britain of small and medium industries constitute 80-85 percent of the industry that country's unemployment manpower in any country are considered, including the Republic of Iraq and especially the young permanent resource and reserves of the crime and violation of law and the active ingredient of terrorist organizations and (Daash the best evidence and the like on it) the employment of young people from all countries of the world because of unemployment, ignorance and lack of social justice, religious and ethnic extremism and provide money illegal (theft, money laundering and arms trade, drugs, prostitution, smuggling, coups).

    Seventh: No to the Iraqi state or government plan or economic program or politician to unify the work in the economic and planning ministries or service sectors and between the monetary policy pursued by the central bank through currency auction, which inflicted great damage to the Iraqi economy based on flimsy arguments deceived by the Iraqi masses doing installs the exchange rate of the dinar and to stop inflation away from the economic policy of the state and the policy followed since the founding of the issuance of central bank law in 2004 solely to protect the private banks began night insured by the profits of up to 20 percent as well as the silence on money laundering, under the pretext that it is not a judicial or police to hold accountable violators and negligent and if he receives orders from other countries to install the principle of (all amounts annual oil imports should be out by imports and foreign transfers. and not be used to rotate the currency in the local market for the industry, agriculture and construction for the advancement of the economy and employment), in addition to the destruction and the destruction of the middle class capabilities and potential economic, investment, scientific, cultural and strangle them to leave Iraq and employ economic, scientific and technical capabilities of other countries and to leave Iraq market for goods neighboring countries and other countries of unchecked and destroy the infrastructure of neglect and the flight of foreign investors and not to contribute to the protection and social justice for the Iraqi people and that is followed by the central bank to auction currency is to give a share of the domestic banks and banking offices:

    1. For the opening credits or remittances documentary.

    2. as well as the supply of foreign currency travelers.

    3. Price is the Iraqi dinar as determined by the Central Bank.

    The outlook survey for this activity we note that the central bank referred the more than 18 banks waged courts and prevent them from discharge under the pretext of failure to provide proof of open credit or money orders and not to persons who held accountable for vacation import allocated to Mistordathm and fleeing the amounts and anonymity addresses or fear on Hatanhm as well as exchange offices and the exploitation of passports Travel for buying and selling in the banks to prove foreign currency (dollar) since the 1970 Iraqi dinar more than $ three when you open a letter of credit or transfer documentary of Industrialists and traders importers in banks and by foreign exchange Central Bank of Iraq until 04/09/2003 Division, is more ensure the safety and install for the price of the Iraqi dinar and prevent money laundering or indiscriminate import and subdue importer of view and scrutiny of the campus Alkmarki and receiving inspection and control, health and safety and providing the local markets necessary and important goods, which do not compete with the domestic national product and not flooding the local markets and import enough to the needs of the domestic market for a period of one year according to the principles of the World Trade Organization WTO, which by Iraq as an observer since 2004, and yet meet the drawing Alkmarki all imported goods.

    Eighth: Investment Law No. 13 of 2006 and economic and monetary policy .. The issuance of foreign investment law, the end of 2006 was intended to recruit foreign capital for the development of industry, agriculture and the national economy in accordance with the foundations of the World Trade Organization after by Iraq in 2004 as an observer in the organization but of priorities and the foundations on which based upon the framers of the law it was not Justice and tinged urgency and not to take advantage of the experiences of Arab countries and neighboring countries acceding to the World Organization and the amendments made to this law, but evidence of the validity of what we say and what proved days, errors and defects that accompanied this law in terms of management and economic and legal objectives and composition elements and Characters without taking the security and the economic situation and found Iraq under foreign occupation and carried out by the occupation authority of the breach the Fourth Geneva Convention signed in Switzerland for the treatment of Almojtlh countries and the commitment of the countries that occupying the principles and rules of powers to issue orders and procedures in accordance with the Fourth Geneva Convention, which states facilitate the authorities Movement occupation without interfering with matters other country occupied in all aspects of economic, social, cultural, scientific, religious and ethnic life, including the currency auction at the Central Bank instead of opening letters of credit with Iraqi banks install one rate to the dollar in a permanent and develop the work of these banks to achieve profits and encourage the public to save in banks government and private instead of Aktnazha in homes and cupboards as it happens now than loss of confidence in banks and private civil and inability to meet depositors' demands to withdraw their money in Iraqi dinars, or the dollar as a result of central bank policy and administrative corruption and the smuggling of foreign currency and confirmed by the information and evidence and documents now published for clues and documents The investigation of the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives and file corruption convert the currency through the offices and remittance banks and banking and civil.

    Ninth: since 2003, and so far do not have successive Iraqi governments economic policy or financial guidance and the adoption of economic and development policy for the consolidation of the Iraqi state budget for the industrial, agricultural and commercial production to actively contribute to national economic output and instead Iraqi politics relied on oil resources by 90-95 percent and the remainder of the gross domestic product and subdue 60/70 percent of imports Alntvih the operational budget and the salaries of administrative services and the rest of the investment that has been done of it industrial projects, agricultural or reconstruction so far. And keep the Iraqi market goods to neighboring countries and the countries of the world and this is clear evidence of the lack of desire and political will of successive ministries to build Iraq's economy after the devastation of war and for a period of forty-years and now there is an indication of the switch and bring Iraqi economic policy.
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