Reference representative in Karbala calls for giving priority to the reconstruction of the liberated areas and re-displaced them

Karbala / new evidence
Invited the representative of the religious authority in Karbala, Mr. Ahmed net concerned authorities to give priority to the issue of the reconstruction of areas liberated from the grip of terrorists Daash and re-displaced persons, and expressed regret at the incidents traditional kidnappings and political nature. He said in his Friday sermon in the dish-Husseini Karbala: Certainly the restoration of all the occupied captured by Daash gangs and reconstruction of residential areas and the return of displaced people to it should constitute a top priority for everyone, at the forefront of decision-makers in the state, and we thank the Almighty God that he has received over the past few months, significant progress in the liberalization of many of the areas that were living under the influence of terrorists, thanks to the efforts and sacrifices of our dear fighters from the army and federal police, volunteers and the sons of the tribes and others, and today those fighting heroes fierce battles for the liberation of the remaining gray as they face an enemy oppressor does not take into account any moral controls in its war with them, and that he prevent the families and civilians to move out of the city and they take human shields to protect himself, complicating the task forces in charge.