Leather industry for the defense and interior: Institutions can check our products before you buy them

December 2015 27

Alsumaria News / Baghdad
Called in the leather industry manager Ahmed Al-Kaabi, Sunday, all ministries to buy local product, stressing that it has high quality and affordable, as called for government institutions to bring to a committee to examine the products before buying them, in response to the Ministries of Defense and Interior, which announced their poor armor products manufactured locally.

Kaabi said at a press conference at the headquarters of the leather industry and attended by Alsumaria News, "It calls for ministries to buy local product which has the high quality and favorable prices instead of buying imported which drains hard currency", stressing that "the leather industry supply the state institutions, including need him."

He called al-Kaabi for "encouraging the local industry by all the institutions concerned, the fact that it achieves public interest", emphasizing that it "comes in response to the defense and interior ministries, and can any institution bringing a committee to examine the product wishing it before you buy it."

Kaabi noted, "found the talks with the prime ministers of the Republic and to reach an agreement with all government institutions to buy local products."

The General Company for Leather Industries of the Ministry of Industry confirmed on Tuesday (27 October 2015), its ability to meet market needs, and as pointed out the lack of protection of the domestic product, made it clear that there is a policy to flood the market with goods imported poor.