Commander of the "anti-terrorism": Daash fighters in Ramadi fled toward Fallujah through a secret tunnel network

2015-12-28 00:07:17 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

A senior security official speaking on exposure of troops to a car bomb with 10 tons of high explosive material, an example of the risks faced by the Iraqi forces, which is locked in fierce fighting size, measured in meters, to restore the city of Ramadi, center of control Daash.

And overpowered by the security forces, backed by tribal fighters in 1000, the center of Ramadi after a week of continuous fighting, and its success to cross the Euphrates River to impose its control over the government compound, the last locations where holed organization

Daash proceeded fighters fled towards the east of Ramadi after security forces increase pressure on the city center. And Iraqi forces killed, since starting operations two months ago, more than 600 armed in western gray areas, which is one of the main strongholds of the organization in Anbar.

It is difficult to determine what the rest of the city center insurgents, who are likely to be suicide bombers, mostly because of their use of spending in their movements inside the besieged neighborhoods. And range from Iraqi and US estimates between 1000-3 armed thousands.

Target heart Daash

Says Lt. Gen. Abdul-Ghani al-Asadi, head of the anti-terrorism, "our forces close to the government complex in the center of the city of Ramadi," and asserts that "defenses Daash falling apart."

He added in an interview with al-Asadi (range), "we hit the organization a week ago in his heart is no longer able to face us."

After the anti-terrorism forces, working in the areas west of Ramadi succeeded, to penetrate the largest and most important to repel Daash front near the bridge denominator, has control over the organization completely gray.

The head of the anti-terrorism device "Our goal is not necessarily the center of the city of Ramadi, but the region has a media and political considerations being included government departments."

And launched a counter-terrorism forces, the elite forces trained by US troops, a surprise attack days ago on the neighborhoods close to the center of Ramadi, which befuddled Daash plans.

And confirms the high-security official, "our troops are in control of most of the city of Ramadi, but the gunmen Ihtervon booby-trapping. Did not leave any alley or Ptfajakhh House did not do."

And exploded a few days ago near the anti-terrorism forces, a car bomb likely Asadi as "stuffed with 10 tons of high explosives."

Two months ago, almost managed to counter-terrorism forces in Ramadi, west regions of the gunman killed 500, while a senior security official says that "the outcome of this week, 150 people, mostly militants still under the rubble."

Asadi does not have specific statistics for the number of militants in Ramadi Daash, citing it as "moving through a network of underground tunnels."

He disclosed counter-terrorism commander for the arrest of only two gunmen, one Russian and the other Libyan nationality.

It confirms al-Asadi said "the Russian did not know where he is exactly, has lost his way after the Iraqis from members of the organization left him and fled."

The official says that "the Russian detainee confessed that he moved to Pakistan and then to Israel, Turkey and Syria to find himself finally in Anbar."

Baghdadi admits defeat

In a related development, acknowledged Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of al Daash, in an audio message attributed to him on Saturday, organized by the successive defeats.

He said al-Baghdadi, in his speech, which was published in social networking sites, "The murder has happened to us, and there were many wounds and do not hit us calamities also wonder which is the promise of God, but that plagued us as inevitable."

He pointed out that the leader of the organization to the States and the international coalition can not participate in the fighting overland elements Daash, "These do not dare to come by road," adding "they are instructed, in Afghanistan and Iraq."

Flee eastward

He says Ghanem Aifan, a member of the crisis cell in Anbar province, that "the militants fled across the mystical area, east of Ramadi, Fallujah."

He Aifan, in connection with the (range), "The militants are no longer present in the center of Ramadi areas: most had fled, and Iraqi forces will Bagthamha soon."

Local and regular troops and gunmen overtook the organization launched an attack at dawn last Tuesday, from the southern axis, while the all expectations suggest that progress will be from the north due to the size of the continuing build-up two weeks ago.

The army hired temporary bridges to cross the "river Warrar" likely that "Almaraz" has helped lay them, to surprise Daash in the city center. He also appeared for the first time a US Apache helicopters targeted every movement in the city.

Joint Forces advised the population's commitment to the houses, with a local official described the crossing of civilians as well as military during those days as the "risk" to the intensity of the battles.

He says Aifan "to Anmlk estimates of the number of civilian detainees in Ramadi," but he draws out that "small numbers provided from the grip of insurgents, the gray areas of the South, and the Joabh Msheehdh blocks, to Khalidiya."

But Hisham al-Hashemi, a specialist affairs militant groups, revealed the rescue of more than 120 families before the days of gray, as well as 280 families have been evacuated earlier.

Daash lose supply lines

In the north of Ramadi, a subsidiary of the advancing forces Anbar Operations Command and supported by the tribal region for the Liberation of Alibovraj fighters.

He says Ghassan Ithawi, one of the leaders of tribal fighters, that "Daash pay 4 wheels bombs to Iraqi forces in an attempt to stop their progress", adding that "the international airline alliance treat it quickly."

He Ithawi, in connection with the (range), that "after the liberation of the Albu Faraj We will be very Qren of the government complex that approaching anti-terrorism forces," adding that "more than a thousand local fighters involved in the fighting."

The leader of the tribal North gray areas "lung that breathes Daash them as they reach the Salah al-Din, Mosul and Syria are linked by flows, including weapons and fighters."

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