Crescent Petroleum Report: petrochemical sector resist pressures greater investment opportunities and returns

2712 2015
Demand for its products is set to grow 4% in the coming years
It showed the petrochemical sector with the countries of the region its ability to resist pressure the price the consumer markets and fluctuations, coming from high production costs and the continued fall in oil prices and pressure, and it became clear that the survival of gas prices at appropriate levels as well as government support for the petrochemical sector, have positive effects in improving the ability of sector on the resistance and withstand rapid market changes and improve competitive factors among foreign markets.
According to the weekly report Crescent Petroleum cumulative performance results have shown there is an opportunity to improve productivity and operational efficiency at the current level of investment, in addition to the possibility of achieving additional returns on investment of up to 10%, through raising the efficiency of current operations to its limits without the need to pump new investments.
It is worth mentioning that the petrochemical sector is able to attract new and able investment also to resist the pressures and maintain the attractiveness and competitiveness of more market competition around the world, and it is necessary to focus on improving operational processes to improve returns and maximize shareholders' returns at the current level of competition, in particular on products non-traditional, with an emphasis here that the next phase requires raising the efficiency of performance and raise the capacity to deal with the pressure fluctuations without facing additional costs, at a time when the Gulf petrochemicals sector sales value amounted to more than $ 87 billion, accounting for 13% of Global production of petrochemicals, which requires a greater emphasis on efficiency and more thoughtful investment at the limits of efficiency without dumping and when investing contender capable of generating returns in changing market conditions limits.

Remarkably, Hina and when the registrar of fluctuations and volatility level, the sector outlook remains positive because of the attractive investment environments as well as government support and continuing product demand indicators, taking into account the fact that the government's plans, which focuses on the development of the industrial sector in all its inputs and outputs of being one of the most economic sectors the ability to diversify sources of income and strengthen the position of countries on the production and export map and the impact on the financial and economic indicators at the global level, as well as the aspirations of producing countries to step up job creation, investment and economic growth and transform the region into a major sites for logistics and transport because of its economies of countries in the region climates global economic flexible and encouraging investment and provide a high level of investment feasibility.
According to the demand for petrochemicals products indicators that they are able to grow by up to 4% in the coming years, which requires producing countries to improve their capacity to the optimum utilization of available resources, in addition to expanding its expertise and its partnerships with commercial customers around the world to determine the optimal shape of the deal, which commensurate with market conditions and customer needs in the long term.
2015 Al-Riyadh newspaper