Officials: accelerating the pace of renewable energy projects compensates delay completion

2712 2015
Officials in the renewable energy sector saw the completion of renewable energy projects that will raise the proportion of the sector's contribution in the total energy mix, it has become the fastest in recent times to make up for delays continued for several years unlike in the energy sector strategy.

The Director General of Saudi Arabian oil shale, Dr. Maher Hijazin, that renewable energy projects are currently experiencing greater ease of implementation compared to previous years in which the government has failed in the development of legislation to ensure fast approval of these projects and to walk in their implementation.

And provided original strategy for the sector for the years 2007-2020 raising the contribution of renewable energy in the energy mix to 7% by 2015 and 10% by 2020, including 600 to 1000 megabytes / watt of wind energy and 300 to 600 megabytes / watts of solar energy and 30 to 50 megawatts of waste.

Hijazin He pointed out that the projects put forward in the years 2009 and 2010 are more delays in the completion of projects due to the absence of clear frameworks her at the time.

However, since last year, according to Hijazin, became renewable energy projects more flexible and smoother action with the entry into force of the laws governing the sector; it entered several actual operation phase projects, has been linked to the electrical grid, while being implemented other projects on the ground, saying that this achievement cumulative successive governments.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the perpetuation of Energy, Environment and Water, Dr. Maher Matalqa, agreed with Hijazeen that the pace of work in the field of renewable energy has become the fastest currently, despite the fact that what has been achieved prior to that of the original strategy for the energy sector 2007-2020 was not at the required level, a reference to a multiplicity of reasons, including references sector and bureaucracy that prevent the ease of operation of the project.

One of the reasons was the obstacle to achieving the greatest achievement on the level of renewable energy was a frequent change of Ministers of the government sector and the frequency in which the application of important decisions.

Matalqa and saw that the energy sector and the ministry in particular, needs a larger number of qualified personnel to cope with the required volume of investment in the sector and that its ability original strategy by about 22 billion dinars.

Matalqa also pointed to the importance of speeding up the completion of the green corridor that needs that have been put forward for the time being, at least two years to be done to accommodate electricity produced from renewable energy projects.

But Matalqa criticized the lack of involvement of the private sector so far in the updated strategy for the sector and it is what has been put so far is to present the ministry's vision in this respect on the private sector.

He said that the updated Strategy 2015-2025, which is still yet draft included a decrease in the proportion of the contribution of renewable energy to 9% instead of 10% in the original strategy.

For his part, spokesman of the ministry, Haider Aalghemaz, that the strategy prepared by the ministry for the years 2015 - 2025 came to accommodate developments that have taken place in recent years, including the entry of renewable energy projects.

He pointed out that these projects are aimed at the introduction of about 1,600 megawatts of renewable energy until 2018, while the sector needs investments of about $ 2.4 billion until the year 2025, to increase the contribution of domestic energy sources in the total energy mix.

He said the projects being implemented for the exploitation of solar energy include solar cell projects in the first round of direct offers, and the 12 company could total capacity of 200 MW, "expected completion of these projects by the end of next year 2016 at the latest.

The second round of direct offers projects, and number four could projects 50 MW each in Mafraq Development Zone and the Blue Elsafaoa-, that enter service by early 2017.

It also includes the list of projects Alqoirh project in Aqaba 65-75 MW can, and will be implemented in a manner contracting contracts funded by the Government of the United Arab Emirates and is expected to run at the end of 2017.

Solar energy projects project Philadelphia firm of solar cells also includes 10 MW can in the retail area, which was run mid-October (last October), and Project Blue can reach about 5 MW factor since the month of April 2015, and bore the contract held with funding through a debt swap with the Spanish government grant.

And electricity generation projects from the wind is currently implementing its power generating projects about 600 MW, expected completion of these projects by the end of 2018 ", in addition to Tafila project can 117 MW and bore the construction, ownership and operation", in addition to the project gloss region 80 MW can funded Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development, and expected operation of the project by the end of 2015 or early 2016.

It also includes a wind energy project with the Korean company KEPCO able Al Fageej 90 MW in the region and is expected to run at the end of 2018.

The government created a ministry fund to encourage renewable energy and energy conservation in response to meet the needs of the Kingdom to invest in renewable energy and diversity of sources, and expand the circle of benefit in various sectors, from homes, schools, hospitals, access to sector service and the private industrial and public.

The main objectives of the Fund to contribute to the achievement of comprehensive energy strategy targets in Jordan, and of increasing the contribution of renewable energy sources by 20% of the total energy mix of the Kingdom in 2020,

And activate the methods and procedures for the efficient use of energy and energy conservation in various sectors.

These goals also include increasing the proportion of investment and business in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency, and foreign private investment and contributions, and the creation of new jobs and investments in environment-friendly and long lasting.

One of the objectives of this fund also communicate with donors to attract funding for the implementation of programs and projects related to the work of the Fund and to ensure the sustainability of financial flows and lay the foundations for funding from the Fund by project presented and reviewed time to time, and after studying the forces of supply and demand in the renewable energy sector, in addition to contributing in the adoption of technical specifications in renewable energy projects and in cooperation with other relevant actors in the sector and other targets.

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