Kurdish lawmaker: Maliki pressure on the Kurdish issue Hashemi, but we will not submit to him because we are not such as the list of Iraq
Sunday, March 04 / March 2012 18:08

[Baghdad - where]

Deputy charged with from the Kurdistan Alliance, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, putting pressure on the Kurdistan region in the case of Vice President of the Republic required to eliminate Tariq al-Hashimi.

The MP said Farhad Atrushi told all of Iraq [where] said Sunday that "al-Maliki is standing behind the decision to the Interior Ministry demanding the Ministry of Interior of the Kurdistan region to arrest al-Hashemi and handed over to Baghdad as a Minister of the Interior acting and that the purpose is to exert more political pressure on the region, but we tell the owners to rest assured that Kurdistan is larger than this will not succumb to pressure her because we are not able to play such as the list of Iraq as it pleases us. "

"We as Kurds are not against the judiciary and its decisions the issue Hashemi or other, but we defend the issue of principle, a principle of partnership and commitment to the Constitution and see that the first to seek political blocs to resolve their differences and here emphasize that if did not hand over al-Hashemi himself to spend, we in the Kurdistan Sntalibh out of the region but At the same time we see that his case by the more political than judicial. "

The Atrushi that "the Kurds if they want to smuggle al-Hashemi, who is currently in the Kurdistan region of Iraq to the outside FROID his private jet they are able to do so, but these accusations are just a media and psychological pressure exerted by some quarters to subordinate her wishes to Kurdistan."

He continued that "the repetition of raising the issue once in a while is a testament to the efforts of some political blocs to thwart the national meeting and does not want to hold a peg made of al-Hashemi and photographed like a basic problem in the country."

And Atrushi "to assume that al-Hashemi is a terrorist but why all this focus on this particular case, in contrast, there are many terrorists, and perhaps most notably from the former regime and sentenced arrest warrants from the judiciary, but to date not been implemented as minister of Defense Sultan Hashim, the fugitive Izzat League and Mohammed Younis al-Ahmed, who leads the Baath in Iraq so we see a duplication of positions and there are politicized the judiciary. "

Noteworthy that the Supreme Judicial Council issued on 19 December last year 2011 warrant against Vice President Tariq al-Hashimi, who is home now in the Kurdistan region and preventing him from traveling, also offered to the Ministry of Interior confessions of members of the protection Hashemi implemented a series of armed attacks against security agents, government employees and visitors to the holy shrines.

The Interior Ministry has demanded in a statement Sunday, the Interior Ministry in the Kurdistan region implemented the warrant judicial sentence against Hashemi at the request of the judiciary handed over to judicial authorities, especially after the receipt of information confirming the structure of escape-Hashimi of the province out of Iraq.