Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Regional Government demanding the extradition of its oil to Baghdad

2712 2015
The demands of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Kurdistan Regional Government to deliver its crude oil to Baghdad as part of the agreement signed with the federal government as a goodwill gesture and to give a chance to contain the differences between the two sides.
Chairman of the Finance Committee and the economy in the regional parliament Dr. Izzat Saber, which for the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), called in a statement made by the new morning to put the ball in the court of the Iraqi government and delivered oil region for a month to see how much their willingness to send allocated a budget for the region from the general budget ratio of 17%.
Saber said that the beginning of next year, next week will be the test and Faisal between the two sides, if the province committed to implementation of the Convention and blessings of oil through the National Oil Company (SOMO) in Baghdad, the federal government would be obliged to send the provincial budget.
Otherwise, the region will be in the solution of the Convention and sells oil and oil of Kirkuk, about independently.
In response to a question of the new morning on the decisions announced by the Kurdistan Regional Government to reform the economic situation deteriorating, Saber that ruled these measures save the provincial government from the financial crisis ridden, pointing out that the total amounts to be provided by the resolutions of the contact to ten million dollars, a does not represent only 1% of the total expenses of one month to the provincial government, so it must follow the austerity measures real other reforms in the oil file, which covers revenues 90 percent of the imports of the budget of the province, as well as that most of the budget allocations go to the oil file, so you must work to increase imports and reduce expenses, and the fight against corruption and ensure transparency and re-organize and imports of customs and taxes.
Chairman of the Finance Committee in the regional parliament criticized the adoption of those measures without returning to the regional parliament, inactivated as a result of differences between the MDC and the Democratic Party of Kurdistan, adding that such decisions aimed parliament specifically, and reduce allocations presidency of the parliament by 100% and to keep the allocations presidency of the province by 50%, but evidence of this political unfair.

To that of the MDC announced that the project of reforms announced by the provincial government came to evade the real reforms, indicating that the reforms carried out by the reformers and not others.
The change in mass of the Kurdistan region's parliament said in a statement the new morning received a copy of the measures announced by the provincial government to interfere in any way in the reform box, but are financial transfers for salaries and general expenses.
Menu added that these measures are aimed to cover up the political crisis, and the end of the legal period for the presidency of the region and disrupt the work of Parliament and the provincial government, it's also along with being an attempt false to show the effectiveness of the provincial government, they are on the other side of which represents an evasion of genuine reforms.
She said the mass change that real reform lies in the modification of an economic-dimensional laws, and rebuild the economic policy of the province-to-date basis, while taking into account transparency, social justice, and transparency in obtaining the main sources of income in the region, namely oil and border points and customs, and wondered block change if the government in a serious reforms, why not built institution dedicated to find a follow-up and follow-up imports and sales of oil and the amounts obtained from it so far in the province, saying in its statement that reforms are made through people who are reformers and not others.
The Kurdistan Regional Government has approved in its last meeting after a lapse of months in the absence of ministers of the MDC deportees decision of the Kurdistan Democratic Party's political bureau, a package of decisions to reform the economic situation deteriorating in the region, in order to increase revenue and reduce expenses, and included decisions reformist deduction of 50% of the allocations positions of president of the region and his deputy, and the Prime Minister and his deputy, and who are their grades own, and to stop the allocation of the parliament speaker and his deputy and secretary of Parliament Exchange, the deduction of 30% of the allocations positions of general manager and who are of the same degree and receive salaries and allowances of the post of Director-General, in addition to other sectors covered by the austerity measures of the provincial government, which will enter into force early next year in 2016.

In a separate context of the close of the Kurdistan Democratic Party sources said that he will initiate a new round of political talks, the next few days, in order to change the speaker of parliament Yusuf Mohammed, for a change, and fill ministerial portfolios, which was the share of the MDC Kurdistan Democratic Party and operated agency, after the rejection National Union of the Islamic Union and the Islamic Group received, after the dimensions of Ministers for plastic change the current provincial government.

The sources said in remarks followed up the new Sabah said the head of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Massoud Barzani realized the seriousness of the troubled political situation in the region, and that he will initiate a new round of talks with the Kurdish parties exclude the MDC, which the Democratic Party is seeking to keep it away from the government and counted in the opposition box, to contain crisis and re-activate the work of the provincial government and parliament unemployed for months, due to the worsening crisis, the presidency of the Kurdistan region and Makhalafth of negative repercussions on the political process in the province.

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