Iraqi army declares victory over the Islamic state in Ramadi

2015-12-27 23:34:17 | (Voice of Iraq) - Reuters

The Iraqi army said on Sunday he defeated the organization of the Islamic state in Ramadi, capital of Anbar west of the country in the first major victory for the army since its collapse in front organization for al attack 18 months ago.

And leads victory in Ramadi, capital of Anbar province, the Sunni-majority valley of the Euphrates River, located west of Baghdad, to deprive the militants of the Islamic State of the biggest prize they received in 2015.

The gunmen seized the organization Ramadi in May, after the defection of government troops in the defeat prompted Washington to reconsider its strategy towards the militants.

After encircling the city for several weeks, the Iraqi army launched a campaign last week to recover them and then progress in the last step to restore the government complex on Sunday.

Morning Nomani, spokesman for anti-terrorism, who leads the fighting in the ranks of government forces and said that control of the government complex means that the army defeated the organization in Ramadi. He added that the next step is to cleanse the sinuses that may exist "here or there in the city."

State television broadcast images of soldiers and tanks and Humvees during provided in the streets of Ramadi amid piles of rubble and collapsed houses. And it looked some neighborhoods have been completely destroyed by the bombing and offered troops.

TV also broadcast images of the nighttime celebrations in the predominantly Shiite cities south of Baghdad, where citizens appeared dancing in the streets and waving Iraqi flags from cars to celebrate the victory in Anbar.

Officials did not immediately announce any census of the number of people killed in the battle. The government has said that most of the civilian population were able to get out of the city before the attack.

And swept through the organization of the Islamic state, also known as Daash one-third of Iraq in June 2014 and declared the "succession" to the rule of Muslims under his control in Syria and Iraq areas and carried out the mass murder and dish radical idea.

Since then the war has led to the organization in the two countries to enter many regional and international powers and often in the form of alliances competing on the ground in a complex multilateral and civil wars.

And waging a US-led coalition air campaign on its fighters in the two countries, but the re-building of the Iraqi army to the point that make it able to restore land and stick to it is one of the biggest challenges.

In previous battles, including the restoration of the city of Tikrit, the hometown of the late President Saddam Hussein in April, the Iraqi government has relied on Shiite and Iranian-backed ground units to fight in the army, while the role of assistant.

But the army itself is gray regained this time without relying on units Shiite crowd the popular government which kept her away from the battlefield to avoid sectarian tension with the population and the majority of the year.

Nomani told Reuters the government complex became fully under the control of the army, pointing to the absence of any "Daash" fighters in the compound in any form.

After the gray army is planning to restore the city of Mosul in the north of the country, the largest agglomeration is subject to the control of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

Nomani said that the victory achieved in the gray must be a good news for the people of Mosul.

US officials are hoping to launch an attack on Baghdad, Mosul during 2015 but was postponed after the attack, gunmen broke into the gray.

And it will expel militants of the Islamic State of Mosul -alta means the population before the war nearly two million Nsmh- erase the structure of their state in Iraq, effectively depriving them of a major source of financing that comes in part from the oil and some other fees and taxes imposed on the population.

(Preparation Ahmed Hassan Arab Bulletin - edit Hassan Ammar)