A prospective meeting between Baghdad and Erbil to apply customs tariffs law in all ports
December 27, 2015


Economy and Investment Committee said the parliamentary meeting, soon, between representatives of the Federal Government and Kurdistan for the application of the law on customs tariffs on all border crossing points.

She said Committee member Rep. smart, Najib told reporters obtained corrosive economy newsletter that "the Parliamentary Committee with regard to a joint meeting of the ministries of planning and finance, industry and the Interior of the Central Government and the Kurdistan Regional Government to implement customs tariff revenue and increase revenue to the State."

The budget approved by Parliament include 2016 obliging the Government to apply the customs tariff as from the laws applicable.

"The main problem encountered in collecting customs tariff law, relating to the lack of State control on all border crossing points."

"Most of the importers resort to supply goods to the domestic market through those ports.

She noted that "there is a border under the control of the Government for not applying the customs tariff where the lack of political will".