Deputy parliament demanding the lifting of the immunity of a deputy promote sectarian remarks

He asked Deputy for citizen Bloc Parliament to lift the immunity of a deputy promote sectarian remarks. And denounced the covenants Fadhli in a statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where] a copy of statements made by MP Dhafer al-Ani toward the sons of the popular crowd heroes, asserting that "these statements are issued from time to time from people who are not a Baracaan but they are outsiders at home and can not be said that they even they were his sons.
She added that "these statements unexplained by some it is only a denial of the positions" honorable and noble sacrifices "made by the heroes of the popular crowd,
She said Fadhli, a member of the Committee on Culture and Information Parliamentary we issued a unanimous decision regarding the satellite that promote terrorism and thought takfirist and to the Presidency in the Council of Representatives and members of parliament to vote on a binding for each parliamentary resolution promotes the remarks irresponsible and broadcast to violence and terrorism and sectarianism
Fadhli added that "the crowd is a government institution and Menteboha part of the military force defending the homeland and these statements will not affect the performance of the heroes of the crowd and sacrifices.
And it demanded to take all legal action by the House of Representatives and the issuance of the full decision to lift the immunity of a deputy does not adhere to the constants because we we responded section as deputies for the unity of Iraq and the Iraqis. And was a member of the Alliance forces Dhafer al-Ani was seen last Thursday, did not participate in the liberation of the popular crowd gray make a clean battle to end Colh.