Maysan increase oil production 6000 barrels

Oil official said on Sunday, said that the company Bohai] Chinese contracting with the company "CNOOC" Chinese main operator of the field Abu west, east Maysan province in southern Iraq, said about six thousand barrels of new oil to the production, having entered three oil wells to the service.
The spokesman for the Maysan Oil Company Khaled and most important, the Anatolian Agency, "The 3 new oil wells has been linked Abu Gharb oil field, east of the province of Maysan, in the oil fields for the development of plans, and increase production." The obvious and important, that "about 6 thousand barrels of new oil will be added to the production of the field, which is currently a production of about 55 thousand barrels of oil per day," he said, adding that "the Maysan Oil Company expects to reach oil production from the four fields middle of next year 2016, about 400 thousand barrel, and the onset of 2017 to about 900 thousand barrels of oil. "
Includes Maysan Oil Company 4 oil fields are Halfaya, and Bazerkan, and loose change, and the father of the West, and holds Chinese companies invested since 2009, when it launched in the oil licensing rounds, and currently has a total production of the four fields about 360 thousand barrels per day.
The Halfaya oil field, the largest productive field in Maysan province, and has oil reserves is extracted from the province's oil fields to 16 billion barrels, according to officials in the oil company.
Iraq is one of the most oil-affected countries fall in oil prices, especially after the decline in prices to less than $ 40, which means doubling the fiscal deficit in the annual budget, where Iraq will depend on the proportion of 80% of its revenues on financial revenues Alinvt.