Adjust travelers in Iraq stolen European passports processed [mafias in Turkey

Record Iraqi judiciary cases of illegal immigration of citizens have used official passports issued by European countries. The investigative authorities that some of these passports belonging to brothers immigrants, while others were stolen from other people my neighbor features and similarities with immigrants, as reported [mafia] Foreign her arms in Iraq holds sold for pittance.
These authorities stressed adjust the number of those inside the Baghdad International Airport, or in the outside air ports of Iraq, pointing to the arrest of 30 of them since the middle of this year.
According to an investigative judge first Baya charity glorious in a statement for the federal judiciary, "The past period has seen cases of people tried to catch the official passports to leave the country but they do not go back to them, but issued by European countries."
He glorious, "These travelers use passports either stolen, or they return to their fellow immigrants previously, help them to leave the country, hoping to get a chance to asylum".
The statement pointed out that "approximate figures show that" the first half of this year saw the arrest of about 30 people tried to leave the country in this way, "the glorious judge does not have statistical data on" the number who escaped from the airport ".
He believes that "modern technology and the use of iris may prevent the impunity of many, contrary to what was previously, now is a direct detection and arrest by troops in the airport."
For his part, the judge says to achieve the Baghdad airport lawsuits Qutaiba Badi that "these defendants arrested in the Baghdad International Airport, or in other countries and air ports are being returned to Iraq detainees."
He Badi, that "the intelligence service responsible for the receipt of return are suspended, to be used passport is not due to him, when he arrived by plane to Baghdad", warning that "the court receives the defendant then to decide his fate."
In contrast, he said "not to the possibility of moving the criminal proceedings against those who control the airport in a non-Iraqi without permission granted by us President of the Supreme Judicial Council", citing it as "an Iraqi legislator put any crime committed outside the country."
Badi and noted that "the facts before us stating that get stolen passports is through organized gangs [mafia], operating mostly in Turkey."
Baghdad Airport You judge explained that "wishing to travel connection with the [mafia] either via the Internet, or through intermediaries Iraqis carry fake names, in order to receive a European passport back to the person holding the features close to the facial expressions," asserting that "the price is not high, and a section of the passport does not exceed the price of US $ thousand. "
And go to the "usual practice to alter the accused features a story about more hair to close to form an image of the passport holder in the hope of it not detected at the airport."
In addition, the judge said the dead of Baya Mohammed Abdul Karim considering his court proceedings after the completion of this investigation, that "the penalties provided for the crimes of the use of passports for other people either be imprisonment for a year or two."
And inferred Abdul Karim, including "provisions of Article 299 of the Penal Code No. 111 of 1969, which speaks of a person using official documents belonging to others without the face of the right."
Misdemeanors judge and tells one of the cases before the Court in that "the accused at the age of 20 years bought a Dutch passport to a person named [happier]."
It continues by saying that "the existing hardware at the airport arrested him when he arrived to imprint eye stage after discovering that it carries no passport back to him, although there are great similarities in the features."
Diplomats had said in the 12 of this month that European countries follow a list of Iraqi and Syrian passports be used for fear of missing people after falsifying data in travel to Europe and elsewhere.
They said the list includes about five thousand passport is missing from the provinces of Raqqa and Deir ez-Zor, Syria and ten thousand Iraqi passport from areas of Anbar, Nineveh and Tkirc.