Abadi ship flouting the storms questioning and incitement 12/27
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Thread: Abadi ship flouting the storms questioning and incitement 12/27

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    Abadi ship flouting the storms questioning and incitement 12/27

    Abadi ship flouting the storms questioning and incitement

    12/27/2015 17:19

    BAGHDAD / Obelisk: not blowing storms questioning the policies of President of the Iraqi government, by chance, if not a decree her, launches at a time when the country is facing the most notorious terrorist attack, is the spearhead of the organization Daash takfirist, coincides these storms pregnant mistrust and conspiracy, with miscarriage and Alafshal agenda Per effort by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi in the fight against corruption and terrorism.

    This synchronization between the agenda "questioning" approach the prime minister, and the terrorist attack, seemed consistent, to exchange skeptics and Almrgevon of members of parliament and politicians, toasts with terrorists and their supporters, on the road to the failure of the government, and scattered efforts, and the removal of the reforms train rails which bases its Abadi, right down to great victory, corruption and terrorism.

    If the objectives of terrorism, monitored, and is not a surprise, the Iraqis from elites and the public, both, the purpose of these skeptics, have been exposed as well, and discloses the souls inclined towards evil, assume a governmental and parliamentary positions, I thought for a while that it can pass its agenda conspiratorial because of overlapping political trenches, and the circumstances of the fight against terrorism, which is the result of believing either "stupid" political, or "poor" understanding, and "a lack of" awareness, or the positions of "paid", embraced the owners selling their net worth to the financiers of regional conspiracies, the Prime Minister.

    Impasse historic slipped to "politics" Dealers, is that they did not realize that historical attitudes aware in times of crisis and adversity, being experienced by the people, while everyone stands behind leader forgetting the details of contention, and minor political problems, in order to register them with a blank page in the history of jihad against corruption and terrorism, so that the people, victory.

    The launch of the status of "traitors" on these Almtablin political programs suspicious, and statements tendentious which impede the work of the government and seeking to dislodge them from their approach struggling for terrorism and corruption, will not heaping exaggerated, as long as they consent to themselves to be in the enemy front, whether they realized it or not Adrickoh , Valkies in these critical moments, where the war in full swing, will not have intentions "Medicine", but in deeds and its aftermath.

    Speaking of history, with all the clarity and detail about the roles of traitors in historical moments, those who sought to split the home front to their people row, creating sectarian and political strife, confused horrible, questioning the capabilities of leadership, to live up to their deeds to the rank of "treason" National, which has made some peoples defeated in a time when the victory, just around the corner, from its disposal.

    These defeats, has reached is enough, were not to get it not a fifth column, of seeking to discourage the leaders of their country, the determination to unite the country towards the objectives set, a history column experiments indicate that Poles were always the haters on the success of people and their leadership, and the psychological composition of those young, vanity and lust for revenge, stalking Balnajehan, personal passions associated with the love of fame and money.

    These day, do not hit the whip Adzon of revenge and self-flagellation, cross Amajaldh continued in non-official's fitness to lead, Ohunha gluttony in contempt of an opponent, the most serious fabrication scandals and charges him, indulging in Tskotaih and tarnish his image.

    It was not the prime minister Haider al-Abadi, humility Jem is clear and behavior which does not accept the interpretation of the advocates of others subjected to strong power, despite the fact that it is available to him by virtue of his position and imposed from exceptional measures, in times of crisis, under the Constitution, which governs the country, but the leader of a shepherd for dialogue , and is keen to exchange views and the Shura Council.

    However, all that did not live up to Mtsidin in troubled waters, out of mind indictment Altotama owners, Fastglua democratic climate which ensures it Abadi more of them, and sought to their goals of inciting the construction of the class, rather than persuasion and argument, which is the prime minister didn in confronting and Avhamanm.

    Without throwing speech at face value, the comrades who pulled from the hand of the prime minister, on the road to achieving the goals and objectives must be aware, that the attainment of national goals and achieve the objectives of the masses, will not be standing "silent" in front of the preachers who are skeptical Commander, with a view to the interests of a narrow end the objectives of the countries to which they belong, but Pthdehm, and baring their goals, in order to Anckova clearly in front of people.

    This conclusion, requires stand behind Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, in support of the front war on terrorism, corruption, and national affirmation of the role required, and documented in history that will not tolerate the defeatists, and Almtlonen.

    And Iraq democracy his experience, which resulted in successive governments, would not be a copy of the dictatorships before 2003, or similar Bcanutatoriat the Third World and their families ruling around him, but at the same time, will not be allowed to invest democratic political and parliamentary parties, the atmosphere of tolerance for the brutality of his achievements, and turn the clock backward.

    At the same time, this experience of democracy, including the pros and cons, must be accompanied by justice in the evaluation and equity, and that recognizes those who feel that their interests "illegal", receded under the new government, that they seek to throw accumulations of previous governments errors in the basket The current government, would not work, because they are now exposed to the public for the masses, having paved explicitly prime minister, Haydar al-Abadi, of the behavior of social discreet fumbles with precision, plots those who "make a living" on the illusions of the past returns the political to before the government of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi .

    Not pronounce "confidence pull" a word, having faded clearly, in asserting that "no true in the end, not calls right", although figures and leaders were part of the "coalition of the rule of law", clearly aware that put sticks in the spokes of the government, will not However, the situation than fragmented, and provides the opportunity to enemies at home and abroad, to undermine Iraq and its people.

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