Parliamentary: the economy will rebound with gas export

12/27/2015 12:18

BAGHDAD / Obelisk: The view of the Energy Committee and member of the parliamentary oil Awad Hussein that Iraq will see an economic recovery again with the first shipment of gas to be released abroad.

Said Awad, Sunday, in that the oil crisis that hit the world was more affected where is Iraq on the grounds that there are several issues, including security and economic situation, and pointed out that there is a real port will lift Iraq from the current economic crisis, which is natural gas, and the government for passing Abdul This port, which burns annually an estimated billion dollars a year into the atmosphere, they returned him to the revolution wasted public money.

He pointed out that Iraq and Kuwait agree on the export of gas to the last definitely will save a lot of financial resources and works to replenish the shortfall in the budget that have affected negatively on the economic situation in Iraq.

He stressed that Iraq will witness in the coming days and months, an improvement in the economic situation, noting that export gas to Kuwait step in the right direction, calling on the Ministry of Oil to evaluate this issue and the opening of several outlets with other countries to export gas to it.

He continued: Faced with this crisis, the government and the Oil Ministry and parliament opened several outlets even distributed to all sectors, led by the oil sector.