State of Law: We are the biggest and most powerful blocs

By Mohammed Emad

27/12/2015 10:27

Brother - Baghdad
Denied vice president of the administrative body to call the parliamentary bloc Abdul Ilah Naieli, Sunday, MP Ali al-Badri, who described the mass of the rule of law as "divided" statements.

Said Naieli in a statement received for News Agency (et) copy of it, "MP Ali al-Badri's comments to the State of Law bloc parliamentary inaccurate and not divided as described by al-Badri," stressing that "the State of Law bloc is the largest blocs and the strongest and most cohesive in the House of Representatives where constitute one-third of Parliament. "

He added that Naieli "MP Ali al-Badri, was unaware of the details of the work of the state of law and not of the right statement about such things," stressing that "the decisions of the rule of law taken by the political body which consists of all the blocks that fall in the cluster."

Naieli explained that "the president of a coalition of state law (Maliki) continues attend constantly meetings of the Commission for the general and political bloc always emphasizes the government's support in its fight against terrorism and Daash and the need for coordination with other national blocs to serve the interest of the country and the Iraqi citizen."

The head of the parliamentary bloc of the Islamic Dawa Party / organization inside MP Ali al-Badri said, on Saturday, that the State of Law coalition is divided into two parts, one with the head of the Coalition Nuri al-Maliki and the other with the prime minister Haider al-Abadi, among the Abadi wing is stronger than the al-Maliki wing despite the lack of number of its members.

He said al-Badri, said that "a coalition of state law is divided into two parts, between Abadi al-Maliki, and the strongest is the Abadi that its decisions are moving in the House of Representatives," suite, pointing out that "the decisions and perspectives that arise from this wing is going because the National Forces Alliance and the forces of Kurdistan and the Supreme Council and the Liberal bloc with him. "

He said al-Badri, that "al-Abadi Suite more united group of Nuri al-Maliki," noting that "al-Maliki wing is the most numerous within the coalition of state law but its decisions do not go the House of Representatives, including the reduction of the Kurdistan region to balance the budget in 2016".