Parliamentary Economy: Government will pay full salaries for next year

12/27/2015 14:37 pm (Baghdad time)

Special-scales News
The Commission on the parliamentary economy, said on Sunday that Iraq is able to pay employees' salaries next year despite the economic crisis experienced by the country.

He said committee member Najiba Najib's / scales News /, that "Iraq is going through a major financial crisis because of the sharp decline in oil prices, but in spite of that, the state is able to pay next year the employees' salaries, because there we have a reserve as the government was able to adopt bonds issued by the Ministry of Finance and resort to internal and external borrowing. "

She noted that "the main oil dependence affects state revenues, which reduces or increases them," adding, that "in the event of continued sharp decline in oil prices, there will be a deficit in the state budget."

The government is striving to fight corruption and clear about which will provide large sums of money with the revenue from the sale of oil. It ended 29/38