Warren explains how the international coalition forced ISIS elements to reveal their positions in Iraq and Syria
Saturday, 26 December 2015

Shafaq News / The spokesman for the international coalition against ISIS , Colonel Steve Warren said that the elements of the organization have revealed themselves

and their movements because of the pressure that they are exposed to on the ground where they become exposed to coalition's aircrafts.

About changing the rules of engagement against ISIS in Iraq and Syria, Warren said in a newspaper interview, that "it is too early to talk about what has been agreed upon, what is happening is that when we put more pressure on the sites on the ground, either through the Iraqi army or our partner in Syria Groups , we are cracking down more and more on the enemy pushing ISIS elements to move from their positions and when they do that they reveal themselves to us and provide us with the opportunity under devastating guidance of air strikes on them. "

"We are talking about what is the size of tolerance that we have to abide by it with respect to the issue of civilian casualties during operations against ISIS? This is all part of the American values, where we say we bring our own values ​​to the wars."

He added that "this will be a difficult debate, there are disasters in all wars, that's why no one likes war, and now we discuss how to achieve military effectiveness and how much of the damage that we can afford." https://english.shafaaq.com/politics/17152-warren-explains-how-the-international-coalition-forced-isis-elements-to-reveal-their-positions-in-iraq-and-syria.html