Jubouri is a continuation of the abduction of Qatari challenge to the law and abuse the reputation of Iraq

Counting House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri in condemnation of the kidnapping of Qatari fishermen in Iraq, continue to abduct "offends the international reputation of Iraq." A statement from his office, received by all of Iraq [where], a copy of it for al-Jubouri said that "the continuation of the abduction is a challenge to the authority of the law and abuse the international reputation of Iraq, and his relations with his brothers and his friends." He called al-Jubouri, the competent authorities to "make every effort for the liberation of the kidnapped and take down comeuppance outlaws".
The supreme religious authority, condemned yesterday, the abduction of armed groups of fishermen Qataris in the past two weeks province of Muthanna "Usually the process of" political kidnapping ". It is said that, an armed group had kidnapped the 18 of this month, 0.26 diagonally in the desert Muthanna province in southern Iraq, according to news release of nine of them and access to Kuwait.
And Qatar dispatched Assistant Foreign Minister Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Rumaihi and its ambassador to Baghdad Zayed bin Said to follow all procedures in this regard with the Iraqi government closely to ensure the safety of the abductees.
For its part, the Iraqi government has confirmed its commitment "severe" on the release of the abductees as soon as possible.
It is said that Bahrain's Foreign Minister Khalid bin Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Khalifa contact Monday, telephoned Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari and expressed "concern his country deeply about the incident and stressed" the need for the Iraqi government of its responsibilities and take the necessary measures to secure the release of kidnapped decisive action. "
And condemned the GCC kidnapping incident Tuesday demanding the Iraqi government to shoulder its international legal responsibilities and to take decisive and immediate to guarantee the safety of the abductees and their release procedures as soon as Memkn.