Municipality of Baghdad: we will hold a meeting with the company executing the project Rusafa water

Announced the Secretariat, on Friday, he said a meeting will collect it with the company executing the project water great Rusafa, according to the invitation of the Commission services representative to resolve the outstanding problems, while the Board of Baghdad, confirmed that the project will solve the crisis u water in the capital Baghdad in 2020 in the case has been implemented.
A member of the Baghdad Provincial Council Naim Hato in an interview for the "long" that "water great Rusafa project delayed despite arriving at the big stage of completion because of differences between the Municipality of Baghdad and the company executing the project."
He added Hato that "it is necessary to accomplish this project because it will save approximately one million cubic meters of water daily, and this proportion makes Baghdad Atani of the scarcity of water until the year 2020 ".
and between Hato" The executing company decided not to work for while taking all the financial dues but the Municipality of Baghdad refuses to do so because the project was supposed to be completed during the month of August, and that the remaining amount will be in the form of fines.
"He Hato that" the company executing justify the reason for the delay achievement to the passage of a single project pipeline through the homes of squatters, and this alone the whole issue, so I attribute the reason for the delay that is out of control.
"He stressed that" the project leaves now with the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers which is responsible for deciding the decision, "and urged" the importance of speeding up solving the problem of water great Rusafa because of its great benefit to the citizen-Baghdadi project.
"For his part, spokesman for the Baghdad Municipality Hakeem Abdul Zahra said, in a statement to the" long "that" water great Rusafa project one of the largest projects in the Middle East because the first part of it provides 900 000 cubic meters of water and the second part provides approximately one and a quarter of a million cubic meters of water. " Abdul-Zahra and pointed to the existence of "many problems between the company implemented and the Secretariat on the money for the project," stressing that "the Secretariat wishes to be resolved this matter, so that the project is that little was left of it complete."
He said the "Commission services and reconstruction in the House of Representatives hosted by the Municipality of Baghdad to talk about the project is scheduled to be held a meeting with the company executing the Secretariat and the Commission representative to resolve the outstanding problems once and for all because the project would benefit the citizen-Baghdadi.
"The head of the Baghdad Services Authority Ali Jassim said earlier that" the executing company is Alasam Company and Congratulations and both are Taathjajan not to provide them with an advance of 10 billion dinars, which is at the same time included problems in the project, "stressing that" the executing company can not complete the remainder of the project with that accomplished addresses water problems in the city of Baghdad.
"He called Jassim" the need to come down Municipality Baghdad Bquadrha of the project, otherwise it will not step one step forward, and we hope to do the Municipality of Baghdad on August 30 since, "noting that" the Board of Baghdad approved the assignment of a number of lagging project to the competent authorities and to the integrity, that amount to more than 15 companies, including the company executing the project Rusafa water. "He pointed out that" the cost of the project is a trillion and 250 billion dinars, and the duration of achievement until 2013, and the project entered in fines, and the amount of the fine is 500 million dinars for each day of delay, "adding that" The only solution for the completion of the project lies in the descent of the Municipality of Baghdad Balyatea to be complemented, the first institution affected by the reluctance of this project. "