Industry is seeking to sell their products central markets

Revealed the Ministry of Industry and Minerals intention agreement with the Ministry of Commerce on the allocation of one of the central market in each governorate to sell their products, and called for the need to pass laws to protect the local product and the application of the tariff, while accused the Federation of Industries of the Iraqi some ministries to "indifference" to activate the national industry, saw Economist that the state should support the industrial sectors that contribute to improving the balance of payments during the next two years. suffer factories owned by the Iraqi state of many problems since 2003, it is to stop most of them and increase the number of employees largely on the economic viability of these plants account, where he was appointed thousands during the past years, as well as the lack of a marketing program to her, and gave Mkainha and the need for their products to be developed, is comparable to the imported product and who invaded the Iraqi market since more than 13 years. He said the ministry spokesman, Abdul Wahid al-Shammari, said in an interview to the (long-Presse ), said that "the cabinet's approval to merge the Ministry companies have been a great incentive for affiliates to promote national production," adding that "The ministry will include 31 productive and efficient company starting in the next 2016, after it has been accessed 90 companies for domestic investment or Arab or foreign." . Shammari said, "The ministry will ask the Ministry of Commerce allocation of one of the central markets in each province to sell its products," noting that "the central markets will be fixed for the sale of products and the Ministry of Industry and Minerals place." He called the official spokesman for the Ministry of Industry and Minerals, to "make laws to protect the local product and activate the tariff, and the cooperation of other ministries with the Ministry of Industry and Minerals. "For his part, head of the Iraqi Federation of Industries, Ali Sabih al-Saadi, said in an interview to the (long-Presse)," The decisions made ​​by the Council of Ministers or the Ministry of Industry and Minerals, to activate the national industrial sector is still just the aspirations and wishes not been activated by about real on the ground. "He said al-Saadi, that" the reforms announced by the very good government and did not get 12 years ago, "adding," but they should actually apply because each ministry or government agency , it is a country in itself, some of which does not recognize third-party decisions. " and saw the head of the Iraqi Federation of Industries, that "the reforms will not achieve its goals without the application of the tariff by about right," and accused "some ministries indifference to activate the Iraqi industry, and preference for import for benefits and privileges. "He called al-Saadi, ministries because" working as a team and activating the laws that advance the domestic industry.
"On the other hand called economic expert, Ahmed Rehn, the Council of Ministers to" discrimination in economic policy between the medium and long term versus short-term, which will face the country Ami 2016 -2017 ", and urged the financial industry and minerals, planning on" cooperation between them to draw a clear policy for the development of the private sector and ministries. "said Rehn, said in an interview to the (long-Presse), said that" the promotion of the national industry requires the adoption of foreign currency standard, "noting that" sectors Industrial, which should be supported during 2016 and the next in 2017, are those that can contribute to improving the balance of payments. "He attributed the economic expert, however, that" the industry that will improve the balance of payments are contributing to the increase in imports of foreign currency and reduce Iraq's payments of them, and support exports, or reduce the import of goods and services, "adding," Even these industries if it did, would not add anything to the Iraqi budget for the next two years, although they serve the economy. " He said Rehn, that "talk about being a serving budget involves a great mislead, it will not be so except in the case of those companies began to work and made ​​a profit and paid tax ", Msttrda that" all this takes time might take years.