The financial crisis and the opportunity to revive agriculture and industry

Confident Jabri form Daash part of terrorism in general, is surrounded by Iraqi citizens, and will not rise from the biggest catastrophe; If sectors of the economy is not integrated, and corruption numbers; however, the ghosts of the terrifying and results need research and treatment reasons.
Put Iraq in an awkward position; as a result of reliance on oil; as a key resource and absent other sectors; is a tributary of the important financial liquidity ?!
economic crisis is not the end, it will not be the announcement stopped life in a country that has the superiority of its oil resources resources, and miss him Strategic Planning, and despite the negative aspects of the financial crisis; but it is shocking opportunity suitable to revive the memory government; to look for exits and internal resources, investments, taxes and levies.
talk is not that easy, and can not overcome the crisis through 2016, it has been accompanied by political and development 12 years of mismanagement, and do not search for internal economy based activating agricultural and industrial productivity institutions process, and the participation and stimulate sector year, and adopted over the past years on the prosthesis solutions, or that the state was working Kalmqamr, and what gets from the funds spent for the pleasures and wastage, privileges and trips, and industry positions and doors recreational reached Tjmlah operations personal, and will not speak without austerity plan that includes all ministries to legalize public waste .
decrease in global oil rates, it is considered that the great challenge facing the government, which put in a tight angle after a decline in oil up to 60% since 2014, and has made ​​Iraq into a crisis tried to avoid the impairment increase oil production; until the 2016 budget was estimated to 105 trillion and 890 billion Iraqi dinars, and a deficit of 22.8%, while revenue 81 Trliuna and 700 billion Iraqi dinars; including 69 Trleono 733 billion of oil imports; a rate of 85.1% of total revenues ..
that an operating expenditure (salaries); you need 80 trillion, and investment needs 25 trillion; while impose oil contracts licenses pay for every three months, foreign companies invested, and the government is obliged to pay the development of 17 field, which means nearly 18 billion annually, and is the land of Iraq from the world's most fertile for agriculture, and the abundance of metals, and the hands of the worker enormous unemployed are waiting for activating the industry; provided the adoption of government institutions at the local product, then circulate the public as a culture among the people.
is the duty of the government to activate economic laws; Kaltarafh customs and consumer protection and the promotion of industry and agriculture; to find Bdlah oil financial liquidity.
The most important causes of global conflicts; economic reasons, and the expansion of the warring forces; However, to increase the spot influence over resources, and this case wars since the countries established and ends Bdaash, and the strength of any state based on the economic merits and Investment internal resources; therefore, the threat of the economy of the most serious war being waged on the people, not solutions, but to activate industry and agriculture to substitute for the decline in oil and that the Oil Ministry is working to increase the production and export of gas to avoid economic decline. confident Jabri