Suntan Jaafari Turkey to resist the most prominent concerns of Baghdad newspapers today

Dealt issued in Baghdad newspapers on Saturday morning, different topics, including a hint Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari to resist unless Turkish troops withdraw from Iraqi territory, and to require the government to revise the oil licensing rounds for decades. The newspaper / Constitution / Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari accused Turkey wrap on the decision to withdraw its troops, and waved to resist these forces.
Quotes / Constitution / say Jaafari, a day after Arab foreign ministers meeting in Cairo: "Iraq adheres to peaceful means, and we have no intention that we move in the path of escalation, but if the counter-party insisted an open option, and the resistance be legitimate when violate sovereignty."
He said al-Jaafari, according to the paper: "If the imposition of the fighting men of Iraq Champions Achaos and, if war is imposed on us, we will face war. It imposes war counterparty is not responding to the demand of Iraq."
He continued: "I hope that Turkey show wisdom, and not to make this mistake, people are not going to remain silent and not the state."
In economic affairs newspaper / Orient / said there was a proposal obliging the government and the Ministry of Oil to review oil licensing rounds for decades.
Quoted in this respect for a member of the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary Ibrahim Bahr al-Ulum said that the proposal made by his committee to the Parliamentary Finance Committee, which within the project 2016 budget required the federal government and the Oil Ministry to review contracts in licensing rounds for oil fields ten and renegotiate with investment companies with a view to improve negotiate for the benefit of the Iraqi economy by reviewing the terms of all contracts and the creation of a new mechanism for recovery of dues corporate form in which it pays to increase production and reduce costs.
Bahr al-Ulum said, according to the paper, "The item will become legally binding force over the next year in the event of approval of the budget by the Presidency of the Republic."
The member of the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary: "The proposal contains clauses stipulating that the benefits of investment companies be compatible with the prices on the world oil market agent are a burden on the Iraqi economy, particularly in the light of subsequent low oil prices," The Sea of ​​Science predicted that range from costs initial for a barrel of oil produced by those companies between 13 to $ 14.
On the other hand, the newspaper reported that a senior official, said Baghdad is seeking to re-open the line across Saudi territory the export of crude oil pipelines, which closed in 1990.
It quoted the source saying: "The Oil Ministry began moves to revive the Saudi oil export line Alaraca- trends within the ministry to diversify export outlets."
In another significant relation to the celebration of Christian festivals of Christmas under bad their situation, he indicated the newspaper / time / to confirm the patriarch of the Chaldeans in Iraq and the world, Louis Raphael I Sako: "The year 2015 was the worst for Christians, because of the hard-line ideology systematic against them and coercion in national card law as well all attempts to impose the veil on Christian women. "
And he quoted the words of Sacco: "The year 2015 was the worst for Christians as it suffered radical thought systematic against a private coercion in a unified national card law and attempts to impose the veil on Christian and grab some of the militias on the role of Christians and the unknown of violating Christian graves in Kirkuk."
Sacco and continued: "We live in Iraq and the region in difficult conditions, with high frequency of violence and conflict and exacerbated the tragedy of poverty and injustice, displacement and rising number of dead and wounded and displaced persons and migrants."
The newspaper said: "The Christians celebrated despite the difficult conditions in which they live, and we wish the advent of peace in Iraq and the return of displaced people to their areas, amid harsh conditions overcome them memories that were jacketed celebrating birthdays a few years ago, especially before exposure areas controlled by the organization Daash and having to leave them."