Baghdadi: We lost several areas and now fighting a last battle


Saturday 0.26 December 0.2015

Acknowledged leader of the "Daash" called Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, today, the loss of organized several areas in Iraq and Syria, the alleged that the organization fighting the last war against his opponents.

He said al-Baghdadi, in a speech published by a subsidiary of organizing sites, "we lost a number of areas, but that is what is only within the trials, "he said.

He said al-Baghdadi, in his speech, that" this is the last war that we are waging .. where going to invade (the West) do not conquered, and will prevail Islam world.

"It is noteworthy that the organization" Daash "lost many areas in Iraq Syria and was dominated in the past months, after the intensification of the military campaigns.

For its part, the media declared war cell, control of Ramadi Barrage. He said in a statement, "The pieces of the band / 10 / and the pieces thereto controls the helm city of Ramadi and the surrounding areas."

According to the cell in its statement that the pieces of the band / 10 / and the pieces thereto are controlled on the road from Albu Faraj bridge into the Euphrates River toward the embankment after cleared within the northern Mahmor in Anbar.